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Goodbye Agony


Jade's POV
Andy was as shocked as I was. We went into the living room and told the rest of the guys to come too. We were going to tell them about the texts and just see what they want to do. I sat on Andy's lap and he clenched my hand tight before telling them all why they were here and not out partying or what ever the fuck they were doing today. ''So guys I...we have something to tell you'' Andy said. ''OMG your getting married''! Carter exclaimed before jumping up and down. ''Calm yo tits, where not getting married so can you shut the fuck up and listen.'' I snapped and she just shut up like a flash. ''Now can I continue?'' Andy said. They all just nodded in response. They were starting to look a little worried. ''So...Jade has got two texts from an anonymous person,'' he said. ''So?'' Jinxx asked. ''So...they aren't like things we've had to deal with in the past,they are to do with Jake's death well 'death'' Andy said empathising the word death.

''What?...what do you mean just get to what's wrong cause your starting to worry me man'' Ash seemed anxious. ''Okay, well the texts were things saying that he's not dead and that if we want him alive we should go get him''. I said finally getting to the problem. All of their mouths dropped, ''What the fuck?'' Juliet whispered with tears in her eyes. I may not get along with her, but I can tell she really cared about Jake. ''That's fucking sick'' Jinxx said getting annoyed. Sammi, Sophie, and CC just stayed silent, not even reacting just...speechless. Juliet left as did Carter and Tyler, Carter was too upset as was Juliet, but Tyler just followed Carter. My phone buzzed and I picked it up from the table, ''Omfg Jake''. I practically screamed before jumping up. I got a text and it was a fucking picture of Jake, and he was alive!


Is it a joke? Who is doing it please say in the comments who you think is behind it, Is it a fan or friends?
- Batman cupcake


Can't wait to read what happens next! :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

You sure are determined, good on you! :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

Good chapter :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

I'm super happy you like it. Check out my other stories as well. I'm gonna update tonight on this one

Good book, I'm glad you updated, otherwise i wouldn't have found it. Really good story so far, and excited to see what happens next!

Mezzy18 Mezzy18