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Goodbye Agony


Jade is 17 (about to be 18) and goes to high school. She is a senior. She gets bullied by two means girls who always catch her before her lunch break and before school. Jade wants to go to warped tour, but her parents will not let her. They say she has to leave if she's going to warped. So, Jade and her bestfriend Sophie leave to go on warped. What happens when they run into Andy Biersack and his band?


Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

Lead singer of Black Veil Brides. 21.

Carter Starrlene White

Carter Starrlene White

17 about to be 18, Tyler's younger sister, Jade's twin, More emo than Jade, hates Sophie.

CC, Ashley, Jake, Jinxx

CC, Ashley, Jake, Jinxx

CC: 26, Party animal, dating some girl. Drummer of BVB. / Jake: Guitarist of BVB, 23, dating Sophie./ Ashley:Bassist, 30, man whore, party animal./ Jinxx: Guitarist, Dating Sammi, 25

Jade Onyx White

Jade Onyx White

Sophie's bestfriend, 17 about to be 18, bullied. Tyler's younger sister and Carters twin.

Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms

Andy's ex, soon befriends Jade and the guys, 29, singer of Automatic Loveletter (2003-2012).

Sammi Doll

Sammi Doll

Jinxx's girlfriend.

Sophie Snow Cooper

Sophie Snow Cooper

Jade's bestfriend, 19, dating Jake, still loves Tyler, kinda a slut or hoe.

Tyler Drake White

Tyler Drake White

22, Jade and Carter's older brother, Sophies ex.


  1. Living Hell

  2. Hell to pay

  3. You're Nothing But A Bully

  4. Get Out

  5. Warped Tour Part 1

  6. Warped Tour Part 2

  7. Meeting Juliet

  8. Andy's Thoughts

  9. Getting to Know You

  10. Some Good News

  11. I week later

    Time skip just cause I'm a lazy ass. **Some smut included**

  12. Flashback

  13. How? Wait? What the Fuck?

  14. Time To Explain Things

    Tyler explains everything and someone new arrives.

  15. Time To Explain Things **Part 2**

    Things escalate very quickly since Carter's arrival.

  16. Ugh.. You're still here

    Things still haven't calmed down between Sophie and Carter. Something is revealed that no one knows.

  17. The Day After

  18. Shopping Day

  19. Midnight Wake

  20. Midnight Wake Part 2

    Part 2 of last chapter. All hell is about to break lose.

  21. Tennessee Love

  22. Few Hours Later

    Hours after Jade wakes up from her hangover.

  23. Ugh... You're Back and You Are Too

    Someone else arrives when Sophie comes back with shocking news.

  24. Cause of Death

  25. Interrogation Part 1

  26. Interrogation Part 2

  27. What the fuck ?

  28. Alive

  29. What Do We Have To Do?

  30. A plan

  31. Curiosity Killed The Cat Or So They Say...

  32. Someway Somehow

  33. Unexpected Message

  34. What Now?

  35. Authors Note

  36. And She Will Not Be Loved

    There's a month time jump in here just to add more to what's coming


Can't wait to read what happens next! :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

You sure are determined, good on you! :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

Good chapter :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

I'm super happy you like it. Check out my other stories as well. I'm gonna update tonight on this one

Good book, I'm glad you updated, otherwise i wouldn't have found it. Really good story so far, and excited to see what happens next!

Mezzy18 Mezzy18