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Goodbye Agony

How? Wait? What the Fuck?

"Tyler?" I was speechless and confused. I thought my brother was dead. I watched my parents cry. I went to his funeral, but it was a closed casket. Is it possible? Did they fake his death and put him under witness protection? "Hey J-Bugg." He hasn't called me that since we was little. "Tyler.. I thought you was dead." He shook his head. "No. I'm not dead. I was close. Mom and dad decided it was best for me to move to Aunt Lizzie's, so the gang couldn't find me again. I didn't die on that table. The fact that mom and dad didn't tell you about me makes me so mad." He looked hurt. "So uh how's mom and dad? How are you?" "I'm fine. How did you find me exactly? And mom and dad are still the same." He nodded. "I asked our sister. She follows you Instagram.." I was now confused as fuck. "We have a sister?" He nodded. "Her name is Carter. Her Instagram name is 'xbitchxo'. She saw that you were with Black Veil Brides and location was on pictures. So I came here. She wants to meet you. I've told her so much about you." I was so confused and hurt that my parents didn't tell me. "Why did they send her to Aunt Lizzie's?" He said, "Mom didn't want to take care of her. She was supposed to die when she was born, but she didn't. I guess mom saw something in her that she didn't like and sent her to Aunt Lizzie's. Jade, she's your twin. She turns 18 the same day you do. Y'all were born on the same day. One hour apart. Mom lied about having a C-section with you. Carter had to be taken out immediately because the cord was strangling her." I was so confused. Why would my parents do this?

"You know aunt Lizzie knows nothing about you. Mom and dad told her you drown in a bathtub." I got mad. "Why? Why would they make it seem like none of us ever existed?" He shrugged. Just then the guys, their girlfriends, and Sophie came in. Sophie stopped dead in the middle of the room and said, "Tyler..." He got up and said, "Hey Soph. How have you been?" She started crying and ran to the back room. "Well uh I should go see what's wrong with her." Jake left to go see how Sophie was. "Hey. You must be Tyler. Jade's told me a lot about you. I'm Andy." "Yeah. I came as a surprise. Apparently my parents never told her I wasn't dead or that we have a sister." "Wow that's messed up." Andy said. "Yeah it is. Are you two dating? I'd be perfectly cool with it if you are.." Andy shook his head. And I shook mine. "Actually. Jade can I talk to you for a minute? It's kinda important." Andy said. We went outside and talked. "So uh. You know I..i.." Gah. I loved it when he got all nervous. I walked over to him, grabbed his face, and kissed him. "I know Andy." He let out a breath of relief. "Thank god. I thought I was about to die. So will you be mine?" "Haha. Yeah I will." Me and Andy walked back inside. And Tyler instantly knew what had happened. "Aww lil sis got a boyfriend." "Tyler I can still whoop your ass.." "Bring it shorty you ain't whooped my ass since we was 9." I ran over and tackled him and started playfully hitting him. He started got off him and helped him up. We all hung around the bus watching tv. Except for Sophie and Jake. Sophie was probably still crying and telling Jake everything.



Can't wait to read what happens next! :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

You sure are determined, good on you! :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

Good chapter :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

I'm super happy you like it. Check out my other stories as well. I'm gonna update tonight on this one

Good book, I'm glad you updated, otherwise i wouldn't have found it. Really good story so far, and excited to see what happens next!

Mezzy18 Mezzy18