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Me? the outlaw's girl (ash.purdy)

first date prt 1

I can't believe Madelina went to Ashley instead of me I hope he doesn't hurt her. we went into HotTopic and she found a dress she went to try it on when she came out and twirled it was black and it had lace in the back that stopped just before her butt I didn't like it I don't know why i think it's just because my sister is growing up.
Madelina's POV
"Can I buy this?" i said
"Maybe we should keep looking." CC said
"Fine." i got this cute short black dress with lace trim on the bottom
"How about this?" I said when I came out
"I like the first one betternow." CC looking for the most conservtive thing in the world he might as well be giving me a burlap sack.
"Okay I'll go get it."
Ashley's POV
I don't care what she got she would look beautiful in anything I know it sounds corny but its true.
after she bought the first dress she put on We went to go find us some war paint and some new drum sticks for CC. when we finally got home I went up stairs to put war paint when I heard weeping coming from next door , I opened the door to see Madelina with a box cutter in her hand inching closer to her skin i sprinted over to her crouched down to her level and held her hands
"We need tell CC."
"YES for me please."
"But he'll be so mad."
I took the box cutter away from her and held her hands
"We'll do it together."
she nodded and she held my hand.
"CC Can you come here please."
CC then came into her room
"Whats up
"Now don't get mad at me please."
CC looked at Ash
"What did you do to her?" I could see his brows furrowing like always when he's angry
"He did nothing." I sighed took off my gray sweater, and showed him my wrists.
CC looked up at me then back a wrists ," When did this happen?"
I looked at Ashley then at CC ," The first time I cut myself was a month after you left,because that's when the abusing got worse." he cut me off there
,"So you started cutting because of me?"
"No I didn't mean it like that I started cutting because of our dad."
"But it would of never started if I didn't leave."
I couldn't believe he was saying this it wasn't his fault I felt my blood boil and tears welling up so I just ran out of my room to the big tree in the back yard.
I felt so bad for Maddi
"Nice going CC.
i ran off to find Mads I went to the back yard I smirked when I saw some jet black waist length hair.
I crept behind the tree then plopped down next to her she looked shocked when she saw me.
"I'm taking you out tonight." I said bluntly
"So I don't have a choice do I?"
"can I look decent."
"Yes you can but just dress casual."
"Okay." we ran inside to my room and she then ran in side my walk-in closet and came out in my pierce the veil shirt and my sweat pants
"Why do you have my clothes on?" I intergected
," Well you weren't using them so I borrowed them without asking."
I grabbed ahold of her hand and dragged her down stairs. Right as I opened the door smebody yelled,"WAIT."


rawr <3


hey my Ms.sugarskull account wont log me in so this is my new one and i'll try to upload all of the story tonite 6-2-15

I will i ususally do when i fifnish my other wattpad story

OMG!! I LOVE this story so much i really do hope you update soon!

Please please please update soon!! I LOVE this story!!