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Me? the outlaw's girl (ash.purdy)

He's baaaack

This has a lot of switching so be prepared
Ashley's POV
when i heard that crash I hurried down stairs grabbed a broom and saw CC's and Madelina's father
"Andy, Jinxx, Jake grab some thing."
Before I could speak to CC he was already up the stairs.
their dad had a vodka bottle in one hand and a baseball bat in the other.
I grabbed my IPhone and called 911 I wasn't taking any chances with him hurting her
"911 how may I help you?"
"uh yes our drunk father has broke in to my band and my sister's house."
okay and what't the address?"
"1903 Elm avenue."
"thank you sir I've contacted the police in your area to come and get the deranged man."
I laid back down next to Madelina
Madelina's POV
I couldn't help but cry, because my derranged father is down stairs hurting Ashley, Andy, Jinxx, and Jake . I guess CC noticed cause he put his arms around me trying to calm me down
"sushh it's going to be all right I called the police I'm keeping my promise he won't touch you."
he hugged me tighter. I'm glad he's my brother.
Ashley's POV
There was a repetitive bang on the door then the door got kicked out of the frame
they took Madelina and CC's dad away
"What happend?" the cheif asked
"Well we were sleeping , then we all heard a crash we went down stairs except for CC's sister I made her stay upstairs and we've been fighting him of until you came here."
"I'll call you tomorrow I would like to hear all of you stories."
"Okay. See you tomorrow."
Ashley came into my room and told be that the coast is clear I walked Madelina back to her room kissed the top of her head and went back to sleep.
Madelina's POV
I just couldn't sleep alone I was scared. So I walked over to Ashley's room lightly knocked on the door and he opened it ,and let me in
"Whats wrong?" he asked
"I can't sleep alone it's too scary." I felt the tears welling up in my eyes
"It's okay, want to sleep in here tonite?"
"Come on."
Ashley's POV
so Maddi is sleeping in my bed wit me but not in a dirty way only because she's scared I would be scared too if my derranged father found me after my brother took me away from him.
I wrapped my arms around her so she can feel safe, she rolled over so I could see her beautiful face she put her ear close to my chest
"I can hear your heartbeat." she quietly giggled
I smiled, and kissed her cheek so this is her when shes vulnerable?
"Goodnight mads"
"Good night Ash."
Still Ashley's POV
I woke up to a sound of knocking at my door. I unlatched from Madelina and cracked it open to see who it is. CC great just what he needs to see his LITTLE sister in MY bed when ALL I did was comfort her
I opened the door
" What's up CC."
he looked in my bed "Uh who's that."
"A girl."
he walked in fuck I'm screwd
"Thats my fucking sister!!"
she then woke up shocked to see CC above her head
Madelina's POV
"What are you doing in Ashley's room?"
"I was scared and I didn't want to wake you cause you stayed up with me all night and you looked pretty tired."
"So you went to Ashley?"
"well get dressed were going to the mall before we have to tell our story."
I went to my room got out my white top and my black skirt went to the bathroom to do my make up teased my bangs and got my phone and wallet, and put on my black converse.
Grabbed an apple and my grey sweater to cover up my scars.


rawr <3


hey my Ms.sugarskull account wont log me in so this is my new one and i'll try to upload all of the story tonite 6-2-15

I will i ususally do when i fifnish my other wattpad story

OMG!! I LOVE this story so much i really do hope you update soon!

Please please please update soon!! I LOVE this story!!