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Me? the outlaw's girl (ash.purdy)

My dysfunctional Birthday

I heard a murmur of a beeping sound which means I have to get up. I rolled out of my bed and crawled over to the bathroom across the hall and went pee,got showered, and then wrapped a towel across my body and ran to my room hoping nobody saw me. Is hut the door and picked out my sleeping with sirens hoodie and some black ripped skinny jeans with mint green high tops, then I went back to the bathroom and blow dried my hair teased my bottom layers of my jet black hair. The day was going so good until I hear a masculine voice saying ," Madelina-joy get down here this instant." Great it started earlier today my father is very abusive only because when he takes his physic meds with vodka, has ten cases of weed under the couch, oh and the best part in the world a meth lab under the house.
"Yes Father."
"Don't you sass me." He'd obviously been smoking weed and drinking vodka at the same time.
"I wasn't sassing you." I new I crossed the line there cause right then and other he pushed me to the ground and grabbed the belt
I counted to myself
123456 whip
12345 whip
1234 whip
123 whip
12 whip
And on the last one was on my face I didn't know who to call as I ran upstairs and locked myself in my room I scrolled through my contacts until I found the perfect on Christian Coma.
He answered on the first ring
"CC... I need your help." I said in a hushed tone
"Why are you talking like that?"
"Dad jut beat me and apparently he wasn't finished, so I escaped when I could and locked my self in my room, I'm really scared I can't take him on my own."
"I'll be there in a second what ever you do don't let him in... do you hear me?"
"Yes I do I love you CC."
"Love you too. Make sure you packe you essentials okay?"
He hung up rapidly, and I started packing my bag.
I heard a car door slam I looked out my window I was CC he banged on the door and I texted him,"there's a spare under the mat."
Now I heard the door creak open and he accidently closed it too hard and then there was a lot of yelling. So I looked around my room for anything else, then I climed out of the window and landed on the ground safely then I put my backpack I the truck bed and texted CC that I'm outside of the house
Next thing I knew is that he was out side sprinting to the truck,unlocked it and we jumped in.


rawr this is also on wattpad


hey my Ms.sugarskull account wont log me in so this is my new one and i'll try to upload all of the story tonite 6-2-15

I will i ususally do when i fifnish my other wattpad story

OMG!! I LOVE this story so much i really do hope you update soon!

Please please please update soon!! I LOVE this story!!