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Me? the outlaw's girl (ash.purdy)

it's not your fault

We drove in complete silence till I got the guts to ask him,
“Where are we going?
“Someplace where you will never be alone.” CC said sternly
“So how’s the band going?”
“See for yourself.”
We pulled into a driveway and there were four guys standing on the car port.
“Who are these people?”
“Just wait Madelina you’ll see.”
I jumped out of the car and go tackled by somebody in the grass I looked up not just one some bodies four, they got off of me and this guy with shorter hair held out his hand and gestured me to get up. When I got up I stepped back closer my brother they frowned, "You don't remember us do you?" the guy with the shortest hair said
“Yes I do it just took me a while.” Then they all ran to me and gave me a hug that I'm surprised didn't break my ribs.
"Guys that's not why she's here." CC interjected
"Why is she here then?" Jinxx asked
"Our dad was beating her and she ran up to her room and called me."
"Oh." they all said in a small voice
Ashley then picked up my bag and said, "I’ll show you your room malady."
Ashley's POV
When I grabbed her bag CC yelled to me," Don't do anything Ash."
“OKAY. Geez"

I walked in the already open door, and walked up the stairs to the guest room.
Maelinea's POV
He opened the door to a guest room and said," This is your room and my room is across the hall if you need anything."
"Actually can you help me get settled?"
“Why it would be my honor Ms. Madelina"
"Just call me Maddi."
"Let’s just get started."
I put music on from my IPhone, and we started working
It started to get hot in my room and we still had a lot to do so i took off my sweater then looked into my back pack for a tank top the I heard a wolf whistle I looked up to see ashley looking at me
"Getting undressed for me I see."
"I'm so sorry I forgot you were helping me im just so used of being alone."
i quickly put my wife beater on then he crossed over to me
"Want to talk."
"It's a long story."
"It's not like im doing anything."
."okay then."
"well the abusing all started when CC went on tour so I was vulnerble , I didn't have anybody to protect me." I got up and show him my back .
Ashley's POV
when she showed me her back I couldn't help myself but hug her so tightly and let go I held on to her wrists I looked down at them and there were scars.
Madelina noticed that I saw them and backed away to her sweater to put it on
"How long has this been happening?" I intergected
" A month ago when the abusing got worse."
"I'm getting CC."
"no don't please he'll be so mad at me."
"But he needs to know."
" He'll think its all his fault for him leaving."
"Don't worry."
"Will you stand beside me when I tell him?"
"Yes I will."
he ran off and I then heard two footsteps coming to my room.
" Madelina Ash said you wanted to tell me somthing." CC said




hey my Ms.sugarskull account wont log me in so this is my new one and i'll try to upload all of the story tonite 6-2-15

I will i ususally do when i fifnish my other wattpad story

OMG!! I LOVE this story so much i really do hope you update soon!

Please please please update soon!! I LOVE this story!!