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Legacy (Christian Coma Fan-Fic)

Chapter Seven

He was mine and I was his. I knew dating him would be the one for me. We were cuddled up in my bed watching horror movies. I soon got bored due to I have seen all these movies like 5-20 times already. I sighed seeing that CC had fallen asleep. I kissed he cheek and decided that I needed a shower.
I got out and did my hair and make up in that bathroom along with getting dressed. I walked back to my room to see CC awake and on his phone. I just stood at the doorway and smiled at how happy I am to be with him. Then it hit me, like a huge rock, CC is leaving tomorrow..this is our last day. I felt a tear fall down my cheek. I don't want to lose him. "Hey beautiful. Hey, you okay?" Then I noticed CC was right in front of me wiping away my tear. I just shook my head. "Hun, tell me. It'll be okay." He said while hugging me and sitting me on the bed beside him. He looked me in my eyes and asked me what was wrong. I sighed and told him. "I don't wanna lose you tomorrow!! I can't go with you and you can't stay here because you have concerts and songs and band things to do." I no realized I was full blown crying on CC.
My mom and step dad soon came home to find me and CC playing Xbox. Next thing I knew CC, my mom, and step dad were in the other room talking. I don't know why but it made me scared. They soon came back and stared at me. "Ok, why y'all staring?? It's weird." I said looking weirded out. "Ok we are going to get to the point." My mom said. I sighed..What could they be saying?? "Christian, here told us that you are upset he is leaving. So We have decided that since you are 19 and an adult. You can go with Mr. Coma." My step father finished. I gasped. "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS???" I screamed in excitement. They just nodded. I ran into CC's arms and hugged him. "yes!!! I would love to go!!" I say as I hug both of my parents.
Me and CC have packed all my stuff.. I'm moving in with him! I can't believe they are letting me. "Babe, you almost ready?" CC asked as he kissed my cheek. "Yeah I am CC." I say as I zip up the last bag. "So I will be driving my car, and you will be driving the U-hual." CC got the U-hual and helped me load my boxes in it. When we finished I said good bye to my family. I didn't want to leave but I wanted to be with CC. I feel as if he is the one.



Amazing story! Glad to see a CC love story!

Ms.PurdyGirl Ms.PurdyGirl