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Legacy (Christian Coma Fan-Fic)

Chapter Six

Last night was so amazing!!! I know that there is not much time before BVB goes back home and I won't see them anymore! They will most likely forget about me..Sad I know.. but thats life I guess. I sat in my room on my Xbox playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 and then I realized I was crying. What? Why? Was I sad that the guys were leaving tomorrow? Nah..I can't be. As I wiped my last tear, there was a knock on my door. "Come in, If you want" I sighed as the door opened. "Hey Jo- hey whats wrong" I looked up to see CC sitting on my bed. "Oh it's nothing CC." I said with a fake smile. He just looked at me with a look of worry in his eyes. "You are bad at lying my dear." He said as he placed his hand on my knee. "Ugh. Fine I'll tell you Coma. I'm sad because you guys are leavig tomorrow morning and you all with most likely forget about me." Next thing I knew, CC was hugging me while kissing my forehead. "We would never do that love, ever! No matter what!" He said as he looked into my blue-ish grey eyes. "Thanks Coma! That means alot to me." I said as I looked into his wonderful eyes. We stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever. I think I might be falling inlove with Christain Robert Mora Coma. He slowly leaned in barley moving his head. I knew what he was doing so I leaned in all the way and closed the gap between us. His lips were on mine for what felt like forever. I wrapped my arms around his neck and moved on his lap. He leaned back and I moved with him. We haven't broke the kiss. After awhile he broke then kiss. We just sat there with huge smiles on our faces.
Later that day me and CC hung out, just us. Andy, Jinxx, Ashley and Jake already left to go home, But CC stayed and said he would be in LA by tomorrow night. I honestly think I'm falling in love. "Josie?? JOSIE??? OMG LOOK ITS HELLO KITTY!!" CC yelled. "OMFG WHERE IS THAT BITCH!!! I WANNA LOVE HER!!!" I said back. I guess I zoned out into my thoughts or some shit like that. "Josie Anna ALdenderfer! stop fucking zoning out!!" I gasped. "HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW MY FULL GOD DAMN NAME COMA??" He just laughed and hugged me. "dont worry about that beautiful." he whispered in my ear while sending chills down my spine. We decieded on a movie day today. My mom and step dad are still gone and they won't be back until a day after CC leaves. It has been a good few days. Me and CC have gotten very close since we met. I swear, I think we were meant to be. The movie has ended and CC's phone starts ringing. I see the caller ID as "Her" with some mean emoji by it. I shrug it off as he goes and answers it
He came back about 10 minutes later. He jumped on the bed and pulled me onto his lap while kissing me deeply. We soon pull away and I look him right in his perffect eyes. "What was that about??" I ask while having a huge stupid smile on my face. "Oh maybe just a surprise.." I gave him a puzzle look. "CC I hate surpirses.." I said looking down at my feet. "It'll be worth it Josie. I promise." He said while giving me another kiss on the lips. "Hey Coma?" He poked me. "Yeah??" I smiled "What are we??" I felt weird asking this but I think me and him are a couple, I'm just not sure yet. "Well if you are asking if we are a couple then I'm gonna leave that up to you." He winked at me. Do it want to date him and get shit tons of hate? Or do I wanna be how we are now?? "Well you never really asked me out. But I think we should be together. I mean look at us we are into each other." With that being said CC grabed me and kissed me deeply and smiled half way through the kiss. I'm dating Christian Coma.. OH MY JINXX!! It finally happened!!



Amazing story! Glad to see a CC love story!

Ms.PurdyGirl Ms.PurdyGirl