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The air was warm, and the sun was shinning bright like always. I was walking around town. We've been in Ohio for a week now. I really like it here. I was walking past Wendy's when I saw what looked like blood on the windows. I walked inside and saw people ripped apart. I saw Bre bent over the counter with her throat bit into it. I walked over to her and started crying. I felt someone behind me, and then pulled my hair away from my neck. Someone kissed my neck softly. Their touch was icy cold and soft. The person's breath was cold on my neck which sent shivers down my spine.
"So delicious. Too bad you will be dead soon." Blake said. He bit into my neck, and started sucking my blood. It didn't hurt, but more felt good. "Jen. Jen. Come on it's time to wake up." Blake said shaking me.
I jumped up in my bunk and hit my head on the ceiling. I heard laughing next to me. I looked and saw Andy next to me. I rolled my eyes then rolled over in my bunk.
"Come on. We gotta go get you more clothes. You can't live in those forever." Ashley said next to Andy.
"It's 3 in the morning let me sleep." I said out loud for once.
"SHE TALKED!" They both yelled at the same time. I smiled then got out of the bunk.
We left and went to the mall. The guys were still shocked that I talked. I even started talking more to them. JInxx kept looking at me nervously. I wanted to know what he was thinking, but i figured I'd better not ask. We got me some more clothes, that Jinxx paid for, new shoes, and a new phone. The guys went into a store that looked creepy. I waited outside the store till they were done. JInxx walked out first and smiled at me.
"Jen can we talk? It's umm important." JInxx asked nervous.
"Y-yea." I said scared. Jinxx and I walked over to an empty table at the food court. "Is something wrong?" I asked as we sat down.
"No. No not at all. How would you feel if I adopted you? Like give you a real family?" Jinxx asked. I was speechless. My mind was racing and so was my heart. "I'm sorry. I know this all is so much for you, and I know that you're probably confused and scared. But please think about this. It's a chance for you to have a real family that will love and take care of you. Even if you say no we will still be there for you." Jinxx said.
"Y-yea. I want you to adopt me. It would be amazing to have a real family for once." I said lying. Jinxx hugged me and I hugged back.
The other 4 guys met up with us and Jinxx told them the good news. They were all happy. We went back to the guys went to bed. I stayed up and thought about how much my life is changing.
I made up my mind on what i was going to do. I'm running away again. I can't be adopted by vampires. I cant live with vampires. I'm human. They will get mad and kill me one of these days. I packed up a few food items, put on my old clothes, then left. I left my new phone and grabbed my other one. The sun was just starting to come up so i had plenty of time to get away. Let's just hope I don't run into Blake.



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Haha! imma try to type out another chapter and post it tonight but no promises

Liljen98 Liljen98

Damn girl please don't do cliffhangers I love ur story to much for that

That's a heck of a cliff you have me holding on to.

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

Omg.. cliffhanger. xP

♡ the update

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow