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"3 days ago Jen left. We have no idea where she went, or if she's coming back. If anyone has any information or knows where she is please contact us. We just want her to return home safe. Thank you for your time." Andy said on the news for the hundredth time. I'm not safe anywhere I go. A few people have tried to get me, just for the reward Andy put out for the person who finds me.
I've been gone for about a week. It hasn't been that bad. Except for the fact that I think someone is following me. I think it's Andy, but I can't be sure. Today the town is having a huge meeting. Some speaker is suppose to talk today. I decided to watch and see who it was.
*4 hours later*
"Thank you everyone who has shown up for this town meeting. I'm going to hand the stage over to 5 great man who will do anything to find someone they love. Please give it up for Andy Biersack, Jinxx, Ashley Purdy, CC, and Jake Pitts." The mayor said. My heart stopped. I watched them walk onto the stage. My whole body was frozen in it's spot.
"Thank you sir. As most of you may know, we are on the look out for a girl. She was suppose to be adopted by Jinxx, but she ran away, If anyone knows where she is please come up and tell us. We are very worried about her." Andy said.
"She's right here" Someone yelled in front of me. Everyone turned and looked at me.
"Jen." Andy said. His deep voice was full of relief, but there was a hint of anger in it. "Come here sweetheart." Andy said holding out his hand. The crowed moved to the side so i could easily get to the stage.
I quickly turned around and ran. I made it around the corner of city hall then ran into a few cops. I heard the guys coming up behind me. This was it. I'm being taken back to live with vampires. I turned around and saw Andy, Ashley, and CC behind me. Andy nodded to the cops then grabbed my arm. His eyes went from bright blue to red, and I knew I was screwed.
"I-" I started to say, but stopped when Andy got more mad.
"You dumbass little kid." Andy yelled then slapped me. "What did I tell you? DO NOT RUN AWAY!" Andy yelled louder than possible. His voice turned almost demonic.
"Andy come on. There's people around. We found her and that's all that matters. Let's just get her back to the bus." Ashley said.
"Leave me alone." I said. Andy growled at me.
Andy grabbed me by my neck and lifted me off the ground. I kicked him in the balls, which made him start choking me. Soon I started to pass out. I woke up in a bunk. My face hurt and I was really cold. It felt like I was in a freezer. I slowly got out of the bunk and walked to the front. It was dark outside so I knew everyone was awake. JInxx was sitting on the couch alone. It looked like he's been crying. I slowly walked over and sat next to him.
"You were the most beautiful thing in the whole world. I remember saying that to you over and over. Your mother would smile and complain every time I did it. She was something." JInxx said smiling a bit. I gave him a confused look. He just chuckled. "Jen there's something I need to tell you. I'm your father." Jinxx said.
"What?" I yelled jumping up.



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Haha! imma try to type out another chapter and post it tonight but no promises

Liljen98 Liljen98

Damn girl please don't do cliffhangers I love ur story to much for that

That's a heck of a cliff you have me holding on to.

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

Omg.. cliffhanger. xP

♡ the update

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow