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"We should kill her!" OUTLAW yelled to the tall man next to him.
"Ashley she's a child! We cant just kill her. We should take her home, or back to the bus before someone sees us." Another guy said. He had blue eyes, but they weren't as bright as the tall one's eyes.
"Fine. Jake grab the kid and take her to the bus. We'll figure out something on the way there." The tall one said. The one i take is Jake came near me.
I tried to sink further into the wall, but it was no good. Jake grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. All of a sudden I'm being thrown over his shoulder, and being carried to a big bus. Jake ran so fast, faster than any human could. But that's the thing. He wasn't a human, he is a vampire. We got to the bus and Jake set me down. I stumbled backwards a few feet from being dizzy. Jake grabbed me arm to help me stay upright.
"You smell delicious Jenny." Jake said baring his fangs. A few tears made their way down my pale cheeks.
"P-please d-don't h-hurt me." I begged. Jake just laughed.
"That was quick. Do i get to eat her now?" Jake asked the other 4 men.
"No, but she is staying with us. She can be a blood slave till we figure out a plan." The tall one said. "Now everyone on the bus. The sun comes up in an hour."
*3 hours earlier*
Runaway. That's what they call me. Everyone in the US knows who I am. I've been on the news so many times. I've gotten my nickname because I like to run. The foster homes I've lived in sucked, so I ran away. Today I found myself a few hours away from my last foster home. I might only be 16, but I can take care of myself. Hell I've been doing it my whole life. I found a local bar that i heard a few teenagers talking about. One of them said they let anyone in the bar. So I tried my luck and got in. No questions asked. Not even as ID needed. I ordered a drink and sat in a booth furthest away from everyone. It was in the corner of the bar, and very dark. I felt like no one could see me, but i could see them.
I slowly drank my beer, and tried to think of a plan. Where would I go? What would I do for money? What will happen to me? I kept thinking. I watched everyone in the bar. The bar was mostly empty for a Saturday. Only the bar's owner, a waitress, and a few old people were here. After a while 5 tall men walked in. They had all black on, and looked like they were wearing makeup. I watched them closely. The tan one walked over to the waitress and smacked her ass. She yelped then turned around. She has pure horror written all over her face. Even with the make up she was obvious wearing, you could see the color drain from her skin. The tan man said something to her then walked over to the table in the middle of the room. The 4 other men walked over and sat with him. I got up and went to the bathroom.
I went into a stall then fell to my knees. My mind was racing an I could feel an anxiety attack coming one. I tried to calm myself down, but it didn't help much. When I did finally calm down, I stood up and walked out of the stall. I walked over to the sink and splashed some cold water on my face. I walked out of the bathroom wiping my face off with my sleeves. My whole body froze when I saw the people in the bar. They were all killed. It looked like they were torn apart, or attacked by animals. I felt something cold behind me, and started shaking. I heard a laugh then took off running.
I ran outside an into an alley. I saw 2 bodies come out of nowhere in front of me. I turned around and saw 2 more bodies. They all started walking towards me. I backed up against the wall, and waited for them to attack me. The closer they got the further down i sank till i was sitting on the ground cowering against the wall.
"What should we do with you little girl." The tallest one asked.


tell me what u think please! <3


@xXMonsterbuddyXx @IzzieDeadnow @ProudOfMyScars
Haha! imma try to type out another chapter and post it tonight but no promises

Liljen98 Liljen98

Damn girl please don't do cliffhangers I love ur story to much for that

That's a heck of a cliff you have me holding on to.

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

Omg.. cliffhanger. xP

♡ the update

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow