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They forced me on the bus, and into a small closet.I heard them lock the door then walk away. The room was pitch black, and had a strong guy smell to it. My anxiety was going threw the roof, and it was becoming harder to breath. Soon I passed out. When I woke up I was in a bunk or something. I had a blanket over me, and I was laying on a soft bed. There was a deep red curtain shut next to me. i slowly opened it, and saw more bunks. I heard some movement and quickly shut the curtain.
"Boo!" Someone said as the curtain quickly opened. I screamed and hid my face. The tan man, who I believe is Ashley, was standing there laughing. "Oh come on. That was funny!" He laughed.
"Asshole." I thought.
"I'd be careful what you say. You never know who's listening. Now come on we got some explaining to do." Ashley said grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the bunk. He pulled me into the front of the bus where the others were.
"Good she's awake. Sleep well my dear?" The one with blue eyes asked. He talked gently to me, unlike Ashley.
"Jinxx I don't think she was asleep, more like passed out." Jake said laughing a bit. I kept my eyes glued to the floor. Ashley pulled me over to the couch and made me sit. "Ok Andy start explaing to the kid so we can get this over with."
'We've decided to keep you. I've seen you on the news a few times, and figured you should have a good home for once. Don't worry about your foster family. I took care of them. But we need to set some ground rules for you. That whole running away thing WILL come to an end. You run and when we find you, and we will, it won't be pretty. You will do what we tell you to do. That includes doing laundry, cleaning, and/or giving us food. We need blood to survive, and that's were you come in. We will only use you when we really need it, which isn't often. Oh and I've also got your meds with me. Your foster mom told me you must take them once a day, and to keep them out of your reach. She didn't tell me why, but I have a pretty good idea why. That whole self-harm and suicide thing will also come to an end. You're safe with us as long as you do what we tell you. Any questions so far?" Andy asked. I kept my head down and didn't respond. "I know you're shy, but don't make this harder than it really is. I promise none of us will hurt you. I know you have millions of questions in your head. So I'm going to answer a few for you. We're vampires. Yes they are real, no we don't sparkle. That's fucking stupid. Yes we killed those people at the bar, and yes if we have to we will kill you too. Don't make us have to do that.I'd hate to leave you on the side of the road like road kill." Andy laughed.
"Sun's coming up in 5 minutes. We should be getting to bed." The one with a bandanna on his head said. Andy nodded then walked over to me.
"Don't try anything stupid. We will find you if you run." Andy whispered then walked away.
"We sleep during the day because the sun will kill us. Nothing can wake us up unless you try and kill us. Please just relax, watched tv, something, but don't try and run. You don't want to see Andy mad, or get hurt." Ashley said then walked to the bunks.
The rest followed to the bunks. I sat there and thought about everything. The sun slowly came up. I watched it come up and saw that we were close to a little town. I decided to go get some food, seeing how I've barely ate anything. I put on my shoes, jacket, and bag then left for the nearest fast food place.



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Haha! imma try to type out another chapter and post it tonight but no promises

Liljen98 Liljen98

Damn girl please don't do cliffhangers I love ur story to much for that

That's a heck of a cliff you have me holding on to.

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

Omg.. cliffhanger. xP

♡ the update

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow