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You're My Saviour *Andy Biersack Love Story*

Nice to Meet You

"H-Hey," I stammered out, mentally slapping myself for stuttering and being so fangirl-ish.
He didn't seem to mind, he laughed and said, "I'm Andy, which I bet you already know. What's your name, beautiful?" he asked as he held out his hand to shake. I took it immediately. I blushed at the compliment.
"Thanks," I smiled, "I'm Alexandria, but most people just call me Alex,"
"Beautiful name for a beautiful face. Did you enjoy the concert?"
I blushed again madly and nodded, "Yeah! It was great! You're a huge inspiration for me and I love your music!" I smiled, trying to hide the blush that had seemingly painted itself on my face.
"Thanks, it's always nice to hear that. Inspiration, huh?" he smiled, eyes flicking to my hand, which was still grasping his. I blushed harder and went to pull away, noticing that it was the arm that had scars trailing up and down. He tightened his grip, eyes growing dark with something I couldn't place.
"Alex…" he whispered, gently pushing up on the bracelets to reveal the angry marks that glared back at us. Tears swam in my eyes.
"Y-you weren't supposed to see those," I whispered, dropping my gaze to the floor.
"Hey, look at me," he said, placing his hand under my chin and pulling my gaze to his."You shouldn't be doing this to yourself, you're only hurting yourself," he said softly.
"I know," I sighed. "It's just, it's a habit I can't break. There's a lot of reasons I do it," I said sadly.
"Look, why don't you come back stage with me real quick before the 'Meet 'n Greet'?" He asked.
"Uh, yeah, sure, okay." I babbled. He smiled and gently tugged on my arm to pull me up on the stage with him. I smiled to myself as I realized he still had a firm grip on my hand as he led me backstage to his dressing room.
"One sec," he said to me before rasping on the door a few times. "You guys decent? I got someone with me," he called through the door.
"Yep!" I heard someone, CC, call back. Andy turned the knob and pushed the door open, stepping inside. He glanced back at me, where I was still standing outside the door before gently tugging my arm to pull me inside.
"Guys, I want you to meet Alex," he smiled down at me as the guys gave me nods and small "hello"'s that I returned shyly. "I just wanted to grab something quickly before we go out to talk to the fans," he announced to nobody in particular. He reluctantly dropped my hand and I stood by the door awkwardly as 4 sets of eyes stared at me silently while Andy grabbed something from his bag, returning with a piece of stationery and a pen. He scribbled something on it and passed it to each of the guys, whispering in their ears something. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised and he shot me an "oh-so innocent" look before returning with the piece of paper.
"Here, take this. I assume you have to get home, but I just want you to know that if you ever think of doing, well, that, again, I want you to let me know," he smiled, tucking the piece of paper into my hand.
"Thanks, I don't know what to say," I mumbled.
"Just say you promise to tell me," he replied. I nodded, trying to find the words. "I'll get my tour manager to escort you back. Is there anything you wanted us to do so you can skip the Meet 'n Greet lines?" Andy asked.
"Uh, yeah actually. Can you sign this?" I asked, holding up a poster of them.
"Absolutely," he smiled as he passed it to the other guys and returning it to me. I blushed and smiled. "That it?" he asked.
"I.. I just want to say thanks. You guys have a huge impact on my life, and this is the best moment of my life," I whispered, not able to bring my voice any louder.
"We want to be there for you as often as possible," he whispered back before pulling me into a tight hug. The rest of the guys walked towards us and each pulled me into a hug as well. As I pulled back from Jake (the last hug), a tear slipped down my cheek and I dropped my head, hoping they didn't notice. Andy wiped my cheek and held my hand.
"I'll walk you out instead," he said quietly, nodding at the guys as he pulled me from the room and to my car. We stopped at the door to my car.
"This is, uh, this is me," I said awkwardly.
"I want you to use that number, okay Alex?" He said with such intensity lacing his deep, sexy voice. I nodded, trying to swallow the lump in my throat as tears swam in my eyes. He pulled me into one last hug and kissed my forehead before turning and heading back to the side entrance, waving when he reached the door. I waved back and sat in the seat, staring ahead.
Digging in my pocket to get the paper he handed me, I switched on the overhead light and glanced down. Each band member had personalized a message for me.
Andy: Alex, you're beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you different. I want you to use this next time you feel upset The note read, an arrow pointing to his number.
Ashley: Chin up, beautiful. Show the world your gorgeous smile. P.S. Nice tits ;)
I laughed at Ashley's message and shook my head.
CC: Heeeeeeey gorgeous, thanks for coming tonight!
Jinxx: Hope you enjoyed the show! Loved the war-paint
Jake: Thanks for coming to our concert, hope you liked it. You're beautiful and don't deserve the bad shit. Hope it works out for you.
A tear rolled down as I read the note over and over again, before pulling out of the parking lot and driving home. I snuck in the window to avoid a nasty confrontation, but gasped when I crouched and peeked through the window to my room. Steve and his friends were in my room.
A/N: Alright. Here's another one. There may be a few more tonight, but comment and heart! I hope you liked it so far, and it will get better.. Thanks for reading ♥


Don't want this to be stolen, so Copyright 2013©

Thanks for reading!
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what happened it was soo good

taterbaby taterbaby
Are you okay? Is everything okay? I'm worried about you since you haven't uploaded anything on quotev since the 12th of may and I just wanted to make sure you're okay because I feel like something's not right. I'm here if you wanna talk to me :3 please don't end your life.
Cyborgpenguin Cyborgpenguin
Thank you so much!! <3 If you want to read more, go to the link on Quotev : http://www.quotev.com/story/3054580/Youre-My-Saviour/1/
I have more chapters on there, this site just pisses me off and wrecks the chapters when I update it on here. Thanks for reading! <3
xxAshley6xx xxAshley6xx
awesome thankyou and you know update please and thankyou. <3
Mak-a-doodle Mak-a-doodle
I'm glad you feel that way! Thanks again :)
xxAshley6xx xxAshley6xx