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You're My Saviour *Andy Biersack Love Story*

Day of The Concert

Resting in the state between sleep and being awake, I heard two loud beeps and then Knives and Pens blasting through my phone. I squinted, slapping my bedside table twice before finally grasping my phone. With one eye closed, I swiped the screen and silenced my alarm. I moaned and flopped back onto my stomach, rolling a bit too far and landing on my ass on the hard floor.
I winced and laughed at myself before standing up and heading to the bathroom connected to my room. I turned the water on and waited for it to heat up before stepping in. I washed my hair and body, wincing a bit as the soap seeped into the cuts that hadn't fully healed. When I shut off the water and stepped out, I instantly enveloped myself in a towel and strode into my room, pressing play on my stereo to blast Black Veil Brides. I was home alone thanks to my mom working and Steve out with his "buddies".
I shuddered thinking of them, but shook my head. No. They aren't going to ruin my day. I thought to myself as I wrapped my hair in my towel and began to get dressed.


I curled my hair and did my make-up very dark, adding a few touches to mimic the war-paint Andy wears. I pulled on the bracelets in case my arms showed to cover the scars and sat on my bed, opening up Tumblr and scrolling through, vibrating with excitement as I belted out the lyrics to Ritual.

It was FINALLY time. I was finally going to see my inspiration playing live. I waited in line with the other fans, not nearly as decked out in black paint as them. Oh well, I can still enjoy the concert. The line started to move forward and I gave a little squeal as I inched forward to reach my seat, showing the security my ticket. He nodded me through and I took my seat, waiting for them to come out. Minutes later, the lights began to dim and smoke filled the stage. Everyone got silent as a silhouette strode onto the stage and sat at the drums.
"CC!" the crowd cheered, I smiled and gave a small scream with them. Within seconds Jinxx, Jake and Ashley all ran out and took their positions on stage with their instruments. The intro to Wretched and Divine started, and all of a sudden the stage began to raise a platform and there stood Andy. I was shocked silent by him. I could not believe I was standing there, and was expecting to wake up in bed and it all be a dream when he stepped off and started walking towards the edge of the stage.
"I am the innocent, I am what could've been," he started, giving the crowd an easy grin and mesmerizing everyone with his deep, sexy voice. He kneeled down and the girls beside me squealed and grabbed at him, he laughed as he continued to sing and moved closer to me. Our eyes met and everything faded away from me, and it felt like it was just him and I in the room. Very cliché, yes I know. But it's true. I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding and smiled shyly at him as he winked at me and stood up to sing the chorus.
He belted out the lyrics and worked the stage, every so often flicking his glance at me, those beautiful blue eyes connecting with mine. Was it just me, or did he seem to light up when he looked at me? Probably just me. But damn was it amazing.
By the end of the show, he'd sung
Wretched and Divine,
Nobody's Hero,
Days Are Numbered,
New Year's Day,
I Am Bulletproof,
Resurrect the Sun,
Fallen Angels,
Knives and Pens,
The Legacy,
Perfect Weapon,
and ended with In the End.

It was an amazing show, I could not believe it. When the lights turned on again everyone began to stream out the doors, I sat in my seat and waited for the crowd to die down a bit before going, and I was just standing up in the empty auditorium when I heard a low, dead-sexy voice behind me standing on the stage.
"Hey,". I turned around and saw the Andy Biersack, my idol, staring down at me with a beautiful smile.
A/N I know, I know, terrible. But I'm getting there don't worry. There will definitely be more updated tonight, but here's a bit to satisfy yourself with while you wait. Comment and Heart <3


Don't want this to be stolen, so Copyright 2013©

Thanks for reading!
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what happened it was soo good

taterbaby taterbaby
Are you okay? Is everything okay? I'm worried about you since you haven't uploaded anything on quotev since the 12th of may and I just wanted to make sure you're okay because I feel like something's not right. I'm here if you wanna talk to me :3 please don't end your life.
Cyborgpenguin Cyborgpenguin
Thank you so much!! <3 If you want to read more, go to the link on Quotev : http://www.quotev.com/story/3054580/Youre-My-Saviour/1/
I have more chapters on there, this site just pisses me off and wrecks the chapters when I update it on here. Thanks for reading! <3
xxAshley6xx xxAshley6xx
awesome thankyou and you know update please and thankyou. <3
Mak-a-doodle Mak-a-doodle
I'm glad you feel that way! Thanks again :)
xxAshley6xx xxAshley6xx