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Falling for the Fallen Angel Ashley purdy

Planning the great escape

I stood out side my house holding the tickes I won to see Black Veil Brides earlier in the day. I knew I would be in trouble for slipping out of the house again. As the cool night air blew through my hair I slipped the moonlit tickets back into my leather jacket pocket. I could see my mums shadow pacing back and forth in front of the window. Tonight would not end well. I slowly approached the front door and took a deep breath. My chest felt tight and I could feel fear rise within. I pulled down the handle of the front door and stepped in to the dimly lit hallway.

Suddenly I could hear the pacing had stopped. And soon those footsteps started again louder than before. As the angry loud footsteps grew closer I turned and went to run up in to my room but it was already to late. Before I knew it my back was pinned against the wall and a sting shot through my cheek as my mum hit me with her long sharp nails.
"Where have you been little bitch?!?!?" My mum shouted close to my ear. " GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!! LET ME GO!!!!" I squirmed in my mums grasp desperate to escape. Once again the sting returned leaving red marks across my face. I screamed in agony "Tell me where you went!!!"
I had to think of a lie and fast. I know she will burn the tickets and backstage passes if she found them. "I went to the movies with Emma!!!" No matter what I said I knew I would be in trouble. My mums eyes filled with hate and disgust a she dragged me up to my room and locked the door. at least she didn't find my tickets or passes.

All I need to do is figure out a way to escape on the night of the concert. I checked the concert date on the tickets...October 8th that didn't give me much time. With the concert in only three days I panicked wondering if I would be able to make a sufficient plan by then.

Sitting down own at my oak desk I took out a pencil and paper pad from the draws. I mainly drew pictures of Black Veil Brides in this pad but I didn't have any other paper I had no choice to write in it. the venue started at 6:30 and it took me 30mins on the bus to get there and I would need time to do my make up and slip out of the house. I sat there stumped. In the end I decided that need 2hours in total before the venue starts. That meant I would have one hour for makeup 30mins to try and escape and 30 mins to get there. Although that plan seemed simple that was just the draft. I knew that after today I wouldn't be able to sneak out the front door. The 8th of October fell on a Wednesday so that meant mum would be having a barbeque in the back garden eliminating the possibility of climbing out the back window. Luckily I was very good at climbing out from the upstairs front window because that was the only option I had.

With that planned I called Emma. "Hey emma I know how to escape are we still meeting at the venue?" I tried to be casual about it as to not over excite her but I guess that didn't work as she practically screamed back at me. "YESSS!!!! I'm going to be at the venue at 4:30 so that I can get us a good spot in line. I CANT WAIT TILL AFTER THE SHOW!!!!! BECUASE WE WILL GO BACK STAGE!!!!" I had to hold my phone away from my ear because she was so loud. "Whoa! Try not to deafen me before the concert!" As soon as I said that there was a silence..... Then big mouth returned to the phone. " I GET TO SEE THE CHRISTIAN COMA THOUGH!!!!"

After awhile the call ended and I went to my bedroom mirror to assess the damage my mum did to my cheek. It was still red and sore but it was nothing a bit of foundation couldnt cover. I wish I could leave this house but I cant. I do t earn enough money and my mum doesn't work so she just takes whatever money I have. I layed down on my bed and slowly drifted to sleep with ashley in mind.


Thanks for reading. I will try to update frequently. In the next chapter Anna sands escapes and arrives at the venue line....
well that all I'm going to tell you so your gonna have to read it when I next update! Is it better than the last chapter? Subscribe!!! Also visit my YouTube page which has lots of BVB stuff my channel name is sushifishwins (sushi fish wins just without he spaces)


This story is so good!

Yinbvbforever Yinbvbforever

i am updating now so hold on for some new content!!!!

@Shadow veil brides
Omg we were at the same concert!! I was in the mosh pit

And now this story is officially off hold. I am to continue soon.

@The Black Veil Bitch
Yes I did go to that concert. I was up on the balcony.