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Falling for the Fallen Angel Ashley purdy

Lucky Days

My name is Anna Sands and I'm a 18 year old girl from Nottingham in the UK. I just finished my A-levels at college and am currently working at a pulp store.
Black Veil Brides is my life line every where I walk I have to have their music blasting through my large headphones. everyone knows I have a huge crush on Ashley Purdy. I mean who wouldn't? He's so hot and I wish I could just run away with him away from the harsh reality.
I stand in my bathroom looking in to the large mirror hanging from the wall. I cant believe that have so many cuts on my face. How much longer do have to put up with my mother abusing me? She's been doing it for years...ever since my dad passed away from drinking too much. I let out a large sigh as I cover the cuts with makeup to make it look like nothing is wrong. My mum hated the way I dressed and the music I listened to but I couldn't care less. I put on a black Veil Brides top, Black skinny jeans, a black leather jacket and some cowboy boots. I had to get out of this house, I cant just sit here and let her abuse me. Hoping to slip out unseen I put my headphones on and sneak down the stairs being careful on the ones that creak. I managed to slip out the front door and run down the street to the bus stop without her noticing.

Once getting off the bus out side rock city I I take off my headphones and pull out my phone to call Emma until a large deep voice calls out to people passing by. "Enter the competition now and win Black Veil brides tickets!!! what are you waiting for?'
I stop dialling the number to Emma's phone and stop dead in my tracks.....'what did you just say?????'
I quickly ran up to the man and entered my name in to the competition box. I knew my mum would never allow me to see them or even think about buying a ticket this was the only way I was going to get one.
"The draw will be at 6 o'clock. Make sure you are here for the draw."
2 hours that's all I had to wait till the draw. But if I was to win I would need makeup so that I could look like Ashley for the show. I quickly went to Superdrug and bought some.
Then I swiftly took out my phone and began to ring Emma. Nothing is going to distract me this time. If I win she has to come with me. We ALL know she loves CC.
"hey Emma!!" I shouted down the phone "You'll never guess what just happened! I just entered a competition for black veil brides tickets!!!!!!!"
"What!?!?! REALLY? did you win?" Emma screamed as loud as possible, she always did that. "um no .... the draw is at 6 o'clock. But if I win I want you to come with me to see them!"
There was a long silence down the phone that I thought she may have died from BVB overload.
" I...go...see...B....V....B?" her voice shook down the phone.
"erm uh yes?"
"YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! I get to see the one and only CHRISTIAN COMA!!!!!!!!" And with that she might as well of turned me deaf, a dull ringing noise rang through out my head. The call went on as we planned how I was to sneak out the house to the concert and soon after the 2 hours were up so I ended the call and made my way back to rock city.

Stood outside rock city was the man with a golden envelop and a huge crowd around the steps. the area buzzed with excitement as the man rose a microphone to his mouth.
"listen up BVBArmy!! in this envelope is the name of the winner who will receive two concert tickets and back stage passes for BLACK VEIL BRIDES!!!!!"
The whole crowed cheered and I looked on with anticipation ....suddenly the crowed went quiet and the tension rose.
"The winner of the tickets and passes is.........ANNA SANDS!!!!!"
High on excitement I ran up to the top of the steps and claimed my prize.
This is it! I can finally see my heroes and idols in real life and see Ashley himself! Nothing has going to stop me seeing them live. Not even my mother!!!!

I can't wait!!


Although the places in this story may exist Anna sands is a fictional character this story is not based around me or my friends.
Hope you enjoy reading
This is my first chapter and story so I apologise if its not that good.
I will put the plan in the next story tell me what you think and give me some tips or requests. NO Andley please!!!!
I know it is very vague at the moment but it will get better.
Thank you!!!!


This story is so good!

Yinbvbforever Yinbvbforever

i am updating now so hold on for some new content!!!!

@Shadow veil brides
Omg we were at the same concert!! I was in the mosh pit

And now this story is officially off hold. I am to continue soon.

@The Black Veil Bitch
Yes I did go to that concert. I was up on the balcony.