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Band Imagine one-shots

Fallen Angel

The request was fantasy with Ashley and not based off of a song. S/W)= Swear word (S/N)= Sister's name

I sighed and glanced at the clock. Midnight and I was still doing homework. God, I hated school. It was clear that I wouldn’t finish, however, and I needed sleep, so I reluctantly switched off the lamp and stumbled into bed, only to find that my window was open.
“Got to be kidding me,” I muttered sleepily as I stood up again and wove my way through the dark room to close it. As I looked out into the night, I saw a bright light, resembling something like a star, falling towards the forest not too far off from my house. It vanished beneath the trees, and all of sudden, I knew I had to see what it was. All my life, nothing exciting had ever happened to me, I was destined to run a supermarket or something when I grew up. Finally, here was life’s apology. I crept through the house quietly, grabbed my car keys, and started driving towards the spot to accept it.

It had been at least another hour until I found what I was searching for, but time fell away, useless and unimportant, when I saw him. I gasped and ran to the collapsed boy dressed in all white, who appeared to be bleeding to death somehow.
“Oh my god, are you alright?” I asked pointlessly. Of course he wasn’t ok, he was freaking bleeding to death. Without thinking, I removed his shirt and tied it around the exposed, slit-like wounds on his back to help slow the blood flow. “What’s your name? I need to take you to a hospital,” I told him, hoping that he was conscious enough to hear and answer me. He groaned in pain before responding.
“A-Ashley. Please, no-no hospital. Just let me die.” I shook my head.
“Nope, sorry, not happening. You’re coming with me.” He was too weak to protest, and either I was strong, or he was really, really light, because it wasn’t too difficult to load him into my car, which was parked right nearby. I drove him back home and managed to take him upstairs to my room and lay him down on my bed. I would sleep on the floor tonight. Shockingly, when I returned a few minutes later with medical supplies, I found that the bleeding had stopped.
“Ok, that’s really strange,” I breathed in disbelief. “You should have needed stitches for sure. How did you injure yourself in the first place?”
“I’m not human,” Ashley said with a cough, sparking fear to blossom. “I am-or was, an angel. I was fighting the shadow beings closer to Earth than I should have been when they cut off my wings and I fell. There I lay, by the side of the woods, wanting to die, until you found me.” I shook my head.
“You’re crazy,” I insisted as I untied his bandage to clean away the dried blood. When I had, it revealed nearly healed large cuts, causing me to gasp again.
“Angels heal fast. No human could ever have survived what I did,” Ashley pointed out.
“It’s just not possible,” I stated, unable to believe what was happening. I snapped back to reality in another moment. “No matter what’s going on, you sleep on my bed tonight and I’ll take a couple blankets and the floor. Or what’s left of tonight, anyway,” I groaned, realizing that it was 2:00am with an English test to fail tomorrow. Ugh. I’ll figure things out later, I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

Ashley shook my shoulders gently to wake me up. Strangely, I wasn’t completely exhausted.
“Thank you,” I said to him. “Wait, what time is it?” I asked, panicking.
“Time?” Ashley questioned with a raised eyebrow. I ignored him and checked the time on my clock, which I forgot to set the alarm on last night for obvious reasons. 11:00am. No wonder I felt fully rested and prepared for the day.
“Ugh, I overslept!” I sighed, but there was nothing I could do to change it. Might as well make the most of today. After discovering that Ashley’s gaping wounds were reduced to pale pink scars overnight, I decided it would be a nice idea to take a walk with him in the forest so he could tell me just what the (S/W) was going on.
“I never had the chance to ask for your name,” he told me as we were leaving the empty house.
“It’s (Y/N),” I replied, locking the door behind me.
“We never understood why you humans did that.”
“It’s so no one breaks into the house and steals things.”
“Why would anybody want to do that? Isn’t everyone content with what they have?”
“Not always, and I don’t know what world you’re from, but you have a lot to learn.”
“I guess I do,” Ashley said with a sigh. “After all, an angel without wings can never go home. An angel without wings isn’t even an angel at all.” Tears pooled in his eyes, and I couldn’t help but feel terrible for him. What if what he was saying was true? What if he really was a fallen angel, not some delirious person who got attacked and wandered into the forest last night? I chose to believe him. He wiped away a tear and watched the droplet balance on his fingertip.
“That’s a tear,” I informed him in case he didn’t know. “You’re crying right now. It’s something people do when they’re sad.” Ashley nodded.
“I know. I just never thought I would be human enough to experience it.” Guilt twisted inside of me. What if he really would have preferred death?
“Ashley, umm, about last night…”
“Do you wish that I had left you to die instead of helping you heal?”
“No. Although angels heal fast, they die just as quickly. I can feel my immortal self withering as we speak. Still, I am alive in some way, and therefore grateful for what you have done. Forgive me if I seem unappreciative, (Y/N).”
“It’s fine. I only want you to be happy,” I responded, relieved that I had done the right thing. “If it would help, you could tell me about your world or I could tell you about mine,” I offered. He shook his head.
“It’s best to forget the land I live in considering I can never return. Since I am bound to Earth, please teach me all that you can.” And so I did, answering all of his questions and sparing no detail. When I was finished, we were back at the house where my sister was waiting in the kitchen. She dropped her glass of water, shattering it, as soon as we walked in, a smirk weaving it’s way across her face.
“I noticed you weren’t in school today. So that’s where you’ve been all day, hmm? Wait till I tell mom you’ve been hanging out with some random guy doing who knows what!” She laughed, and I glared at her, seconds away from an anger explosion. Ashley, no matter how confused he must have been, saved me from that.
“Hello,” he said to her, extending his hand. “My name is Ashley, I’m a friend of (Y/N). You must be (S/N), her twin sister.” She shook it, caught in his spell of calm. I was so proud of him; he slipped from one world into the next so easily it was almost like he was born human. Almost.
“Yeah, umm, how long have you known (Y/N) for?” (S/N) asked him.
“Since last night when she found me in the woods bleeding to death.” Facepalm. Clearly, I had failed to make it clear enough that in his case, truth was not the best option for how we met and where he was from.
“What exactly?” I sighed and explained everything that had happened.

“And you expect me to just believe this?” She asked I was done.
“I can show you my scars, if you want,” Ashley said, taking off his shirt to reveal the permanent marks of a past life.
“Uh, huh, sure those are from wings being cut off,” she said, reaching for the phone. “Because what else would they be? God forbid (Y/N) disbelieve anything a hot boy tells her is true.”
“Hey!” I cried angrily, snatching the phone before she had the chance to stop me. “You know I’m not like that. Believe what you want about Ashley, but this is the truth. But I guess if you can’t see something, you can’t believe in it.”
“When it’s as crazy as this, no, I can’t believe it, (Y/N). Give me the phone, I’m calling 911.”
“Never!” I yelled as I ran upstairs and grabbed my wallet and any other money or supplies I could. When I arrived back downstairs with these materials, (S/N) had Ashley cornered and was threatening him with a knife in hand.
“If you ever get near my sister again, I swear I will-“
“Forget her, we’re leaving, Ashley,” I told him as I took his hand and ran out the door towards my car.
“Where are we going and what are we doing? This is not what you told me, (Y/N),” he pointed out.
“Change of plan,” I said as I started the car. “We’re running away.”
“Because I care about you too much for you to get hurt.” I kissed him before pulling out of the driveway, and he was silent until we were out on the road. I wondered if that wasn’t a good move to show him how I felt.
“I think I like being human,” he said at last before kissing me again.



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