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Band Imagine one-shots

Undead Angel

The request was fantasy with Jinxx and not based off of a song. (F1/N)=Friend one's name, (F2/N)=friend two's name, and (F3/N)=friend three's name.

Blue sky, puffy white clouds, and a strange boy staring into my face was all I saw when I woke up. His sharp blue eyes pierced into my heart, his longish hair was dark as night. I sat up with surprise.
"Careful," he warned me, suddenly alarmed.
"Who are you? Where am I? What happened?" I asked, rubbing my forehead. I could feel a headache coming on.
"My name is Jinxx," he answered. "You were in a plane crash and I saved you. Right now, you're laying on a cloud." I laughed.
"This has got to be the weirdest dream I've ever had. I'd ask you to pinch me so I can wake up, but I think I'll hang around. You're cute," I told him, prompting him to blush. This was a dream, it wasn't real, I could say anything I wanted.
"Thank you, but look beneath you. Pinch yourself if you want to, but you won't wake up. I promise, this is no dream." I shrugged.
"Can't hurt," I replied, and peeked over the edge. His hand was covering my mouth the next moment to stifle a scream. "Ok," I whispered when he removed it. "Now you can pinch me." Jinxx smiled.
"It won't change anything, but sure," he said, taking me seriously.
"Ow!" I cried, grabbing my arm. "Hey, that was harder than I thought." He shrugged.
"Told you."
"Assuming this is real, how am I even balancing on a cloud? Shouldn't I be falling to my death?" I asked.
"How can I fly?" He questioned in return, unfolding pearly, white, feathered wings. I gasped as he rose into the air.
"This isn't happening. It can't be."
"Why not?"
"Because it's too awesome. Epic things like this don't just happen to ordinary people like me. I mean, I wish they did, but I'm nothing special. You are-this is-amazing," I said at last.
"Thank you, but you are different. Any other mortal in your place would be dead by now."
"Speaking of which, how am I still alive?"
" Actually, I don't know. What's your name?"
"(Y/N). Should I try to move, or is that pushing my luck too much?" I asked him, suddenly afraid that I might fall.
"To be honest, I'm surprised you don't want to go back to sleep. You should be exhausted," Jinxx replied, and I yawned as if on cue. He laughed and said something, but I was already fast asleep before I could hear it.

The next time I opened my eyes, it wasn't morning. The night enclosed me in a soft bubble of comfort, the slight wind rustled my tangled hair peacefully, the stars met my gaze with an unblinking stare, and the moon entranced me with its marvelous glow. I couldn't help but be paralyzed in the pure beauty of it all. The cloud beneath me was wispy, but sturdy. I found that the magic of everything around me hypnotized me until Jinxx's voice broke the spell.
"Can't sleep?" I turned around to face him, flying a few feet away.
"Yeah. By the way, am I dead? Are you an angel?" I just had to ask those couple burning questions.
"Yes and no. I was considering telling you that we were both alive, but that would be lying. We're both dead," he responded. Huh. I had many choices of how I could answer to this.
"Say what exactly?" He flew onto the cloud I was on and sat down next to me to explain things.
"You were on a plane that was caught in a hurricane. My friends and I were fooling around in the storm when we saw that it was about to go down. We rushed in to save as many people as we could and get them down to Earth safely, but the top of the plane ripped off and you flew out into the sky. I tried to catch you before it was too late, but you were struck by lightening and died. I brought you back up here just to see if you were strong enough to become immortal. You have to die to become immortal, and be able to survive death itself. Does that make any sense?"
"Not really, but does this mean that I can never go home? Will I ever see my friends and family again? Is it even possible for me to get off this cloud without falling?" I asked, panicking. I was DEAD?! That much was difficult enough to wrap my head around, let alone my future. Jinxx put a hand on my shoulder.
"I'm sorry, (Y/N), I really am. This is your new home now." Tears began to stream down my face without need for my eyes to blink. I pushed his hand away. "I'm not going to sugarcoat the truth, but I promise it's not all bad here, especially once you grow wings." The river of sadness lessened at this. Hold up.
"I'm going to grow wings?" He nodded, and I brushed drops off my face. "I've always wanted to fly. When do you think I'll have them?" I asked, now slightly excited. Who cares if I was dead, people would miss me, but being immortal and having wings was better than anything else that could have happened to me before. He laughed, sensing my sudden change of heart.
"I can carry you right now, if you want," Jinxx offered. "So that you can experience a little bit of what it's like."
"Seriously?" I stood up.
"Of course for real," he responded, standing up as well. I wobbled a little, and he took my hand to steady me. "Whoa, careful. I don't know what will happen if you fall," he warned me. I nodded, but had hardly heard him speaking I was so lost in his mystical blue eyes. They reminded me of moonlight glinting off a lake, and it was difficult to tear myself away. "Ok, I'm going to be holding on to you, but just don't fall," Jinxx told me, and I laughed as we lifted off into the air.
"I hope you have super strength!"
"Nah, you're light."
"And you're the only person to ever have said that."
"Who knows, maybe I do have super strength." I smacked him playfully for that comment as we soared through the air. It was the most magical fun I had ever had.
"That was amazing!" I cried as he landed on a cloud and set me down.
"It's just life for me. Well, death. Wait, no, not that either, technically. You know what I mean."
“Thank you, Jinxx,” I said as I hugged him. It took him a second to hug me back, and something told me he hadn’t had a hug in a while. I pulled away and stepped back, feeling slightly awkward. “So when can I meet your friends?” I asked, and he grinned.
“Tomorrow. Goodnight, (Y/N),” he called as he flew off.
“Goodnight, Jinxx,” I whispered in return, too quietly for him to hear.

“(Y/N), meet (F1/N), (F2/N), and (F3/N). (F1/N), (F2/N), (F3/N), meet (Y/N),” Jinxx introduced me to his friends the next day.
“Hello,” I said, noticing that all of their wings were different. (F1/N)’s were shaped differently than Jinxx’s, they were longer and a soft shade of chestnut brown. (F2/N), who was the only girl, had the nearly transparent wings of a faerie, her bones showed right through them, and I wondered how strong they could possibly be when they appeared so flimsy. As for (F3/N), he had the magnificent black wings of a raven.
“Haven’t grown your wings yet, huh?” (F1/N) said to me.
“Not yet,” I replied. “I was actually just wondering about what they’ll look like and stuff.”
“Myth around here is that it shows what your soul looks like,” (F2/N) told me.
“Nope,” (F3/N) said with a laugh. “Stop messing with the poor girl, (F2/N), she just died. Like she said, it’s just a myth.” But I couldn’t stop thinking about what my wings would look like when they finally grew. What if it did show my soul? What if they never grew at all? I guess I would find out.

And I did, a few days later. Jinxx noticed the stubs poking out of my back and advised that I rested until they were fully-grown. Now, I had two enormous, shimmering, silver, feathered wings behind my back. I flew to Jinxx that morning.
“Hey, Jinxx,” I said proudly with a grin as I landed on the main cloud. He turned around…and gasped.
“(Y/N), those are-you are-beautiful,” he breathed, taking it all in.
“We should all go on a group flight,” (F1/N) suggested, and we did, all five of us. It was amazing, but nothing compared to the one that followed. That night, Jinxx and I snuck away for my first official night flight. We soared through the air, raced through the clouds, and didn’t stop until we were out of breath. So here we sat, on a two-person cloud with the moon seeming close enough to reach out and touch, and the stars gazing down upon us. I decided to be truthful.
“Jinxx, I uh, have something to tell you.”
“What is it?”
“I like you. A lot,” I confessed. He smiled.
“I like you a lot, too,” he responded, and my heart raced as he leaned in to kiss me. And in the silence of the night that followed, we stayed there, just two undead souls with one wing resting against the other’s wing. Forget life, forget death, everything in between was perfect.


I'm just gonna be posting all the ones I wrote on G+ for people. For those who have G+ and might know me online, I am Alice Cullen, I wrote these myself, you can even ask me (just make sure you get the right Alice Cullen) on Google+ for proof. Ok, so yeah, just wanted to be clear that I didn't steal these from someone else! Requests are currently closed, but I might take some later, I'm really busy right now, sorry.


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