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A Love Understood Only By Rebels.(Jake Pitts x Christian 'CC' Coma)

Confessions, Ashley's Dares, and Cuddles

~CC's POV~
As we started playing our last song of the night. I was feeling pretty confident.
'Tonight is the night. I'm going to tell Jake how I feel about him.'I thought to myself as I looked up at him from over my drums.
'I know it sounds crazy, me, Christian Coma liking Jake Pitts. But i'm bi the whole band knows it, only Andy knows about my crush on Jake though. All the fangirls tell me to date the other members, but hardly ever Jake...' I thought and before I knew it, the song was over.
I stood up with the rest of the band, threw my sticks to the crowd, and walked off stage.
"Lets go get drinks." Ashley said with a smile.
"Alright!" we all reasponded.
We all started walking to a bar and I pulled Andy aside.
"Andy. Can I talk to you?"
"Yeah CC what is it?"
"I think I want to tell Jake tonight."
Andy stopped walking, then he spoke.
"Yeah Andy, i'm serious. Think I should?"
"Do whatever your heart tells you too."
He gave me that cliche' answer before we made our way up to the rest of the band and walking into the bar.
~Time Skip~
We are back on the bu, playing truth or dare. Jinxx spun th ebottle and it landed on me. He smirked deviously, obviously having something already planned.
"CC. Truth or dare.?"
"Truth Jinxx."
His smirk got bigger as if he knew something I never told him.
"CC, how do you feel about Jake?"
My heart stopped that observant son of a bitch. He figured it out... Then the alcohol started to kick in. I became extrememly confident. I smiled and reasponded.
"I have the biggest crush on him, I just wish I knew if he felt the same way..." I smiled largely as everyone but Andy's jaws hit the floor.
~Jake's POV~
My eyes widened as I watched CC awkwardly confess his love for me.
I'm straight but there is something about CC that makes me question that. Jinxx knows, he only knows because I HADto tell someone.
CC sat back down and spun the bottle luckily it landed on Jinxx. Then CC spoke.
"Truth or dare?"
"Truth." Jinxx responded.
"How did you know I like Jake?"
I instantly become terrified because when Jinxx is drunk, and we play this truth = 100% true.
"Well CC..." he began as he put his arm around me.
" Jake here told me that there is something about you that makes him question his sexuality... He feels the same way."
I looked down at the ground, as I felt everyone's eyes on me.
"Is that true?" I heard Andy ask, obviously for CC.
I shook my head 'yes' in response.
Soon after Ashley began to chant, "SEX! SEX! SEX! SEX!" Then he grabbed the bottle, spun it, and forced it to stop on me.
"JAKE! Dare or dare?!"
I sighed. "Dare..."
Ash grabbed a chair and sat it in the middle of the circle.
"I dare you to let CC give you a lap dance!" he said laughing.
I willingly got into the chair as CC stood up.
"You ready Jake?" He asked.
"Yeah CC. I'm ready." I responded
Just as I responded CC straddled my lap and started moving his hips. I grinned as I put my hands on CC's hips as he ground against me. I bit my lip as CC moved his hips harder and pulled my hair roughly, he grinned as he hit something making my eyes widen and for me to bite my lip harder.
~CC's POV~
Jake bit his lip harder and I smiled as I felt the bulge in his pants get bigger. "Oh yeah. He likes it."I thought to myself as I continued.
The alcohol was working to it's full capacity. I was more confident then I had ever been it seemed. So before I knew it, my hands were in his hair again and I was grinding on him more than ever.
After a while of that Ashley let out a yell for us to stop. I pouted as I got off. I pulled Jake close to meand the alcohol started talking.
"When we all go to sleep, come to my bunk okay?" I whispered to him as we sat back down, and Jake nodded, smiling at me.
After a few more hours of talking and hanging out with everyone, we decided to go to bed. I had forgotten I had asked Jake to sleep in my bunk with me. So when he climbed into my bunk, I blushed, like a child.
I then realised that this was actually happening and I buried my head in his chest and cuddled him. Then I noticed that he was still hard and I bit my lip.
'I have waited so.. long to fuck him, and now that I'm here... It wouldn't hurt to wait one more night...'I thought to myself and snuggled closer to him, before drifting off to sleep.


A/N: I do not own Black Veil Brides nor do I own the members of the band. This is the first bvb fanfic I've ever written, sorry if it sucks. (and if there's any errors)
I really really hope you all like it. :)



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