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The Morticians Daughter

who's bitch?

Andys POV;
amber looked amazing.i never though she would get any more perfect,but clearly i was wrong.but i still think she is most beautiful with no make up on,an over sized shirt and sweatpants wrapped around her body and her hair in a messy ponytail.i was snapped out of my trance by cc "dude,snap outta it,we gotta PARTAAY!" cc exclaimed,pulling me with one hand and amber with the other.we looked at eachother and laughed. "SHOTGUN!"amber yelled,escaping cc's grasp and running towards the car."hey,thats unfair!" jake whined "lifes unfair,bud" amber grinned,climbing in the passenger seat.i climbed in the drivers seat "dude theres not enough room" ashley said,"well,the girls can sit on laps and ashh,your in the back" i smiled "what!?!?! i dont want to be in the trunk!" he whined "tough shit,now move your ass purdy" ella said pushing as out into the trunk of the car.he sat there sulking like a five year old. "oh,cheer up ash,jinxx can go in the trunk on the way home" amber smiled "nope,i am not" jinxx protested,"fine,i'll sit in the trunk on the way back to he house if your gonna be a dick about things" amber sighed and jinxx smiled. i rolled my eyes and chuckled lightly.
we finnaly arrived at the venue,it looke beautiful all lit up.i looked over to amber who was staring out the window in awe. "this is perfect" she whispered. "THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!" she yelled,a few tears rolling down her beautiful face. "you're very welcome" sammi smiled "it was all the boys,mostly jinxx and andy" lauren added. i felt a bush attack my cheeks "thank you andy" amber said while hugging me."hey wheres my hug?!" jinxx pouted "wait there" amber smiled before sticking her ass in my face to climb over the front seats to jinxx,not that i didnt enjoy it.she had a nice ass "move outta my way bitch" amber chuckled pushing sammi off of jinxx's lap and onto ella's."hey i am not a bitch" sammi chuckled "you're my bitch" amber winked,wich caused everyone to burt out laughing."better?" amber said asshe hugged jinxx "yup" jinxx smiled.
we all then clamber out of the car and make our way to the front door of the huge masion,that is ambers birthday venue. "i im yor bitch,then whos bitch are you?" sammi asked amber "MINE!" ella yelled "no she is mine!" lauren yelled.amber shrugged "i dont know" she gigled.damn that giggle."you're mine"sally winked "ya hear that she is mine!" sally yelled,hugging amber.we all laughed and entered the masion. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" everyone yelled amber jumped "HOLY BATMAN!" she screamed,holding on to me.everyone laughed,there seems to be alot of laughing tonight,dont you think?
"omg!this is amazing!" amber yelled excitedly.then she gasped "batman,batman,BATMAN!" she ran over to the table with the food on it and stood looking at the huge batman birthday cake that lay in the center of the table. "oh my god! thank you!"amber said whiled hugging m tightly."no prblem,angel now go and mingle!" i chucklde,she nodded and headed off speaking to ben bruce and danny worsnop.oh how i love that girl,but how am i going to tell her?


osoryy i havent updated like 34567890 zillion years but pleaase comment?:)X


Update this please
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
i'll try but i got alot of personal problems at the moment.i promise i will try my best :)
Update as soon as you're able to c: