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The Morticians Daughter

english please?

Ambers POV;
"captain america is so much better" ben said,smiling. i gasped "how dare you,how very fucking dare you? batman is so much cooler and he is amazing!!!!¿cómo te atreves a decir el capitán américa es mejor que Batman! batman es increíble mentalmente trastornado vivienda anal pero mono! Estabas le cayó en la cabeza cuando era un bebé? hombre idiota, no sabe héroes Suoer un poco! usted es afortunado que eres lindo!" i yelled. ben looked confused "what did you say,the last part?". i chuckled but then went all serious "suspiro, un boy.did tan idiota que no tome español en la escuela? jesús dulce, soemtime Me pregunto por qué hablar con él." "ENGLISH! PLEASE" ben begged "nothing" i smiled innocently. he shook his head "you're something else" he chuckled "im speckil" i said like a 5 year old with no front teeth."yes,yes you are" sally laughed from behind me "i agree with ben,captain america is soo much better and alot hotter to" "hey,i thought i was hot.your gonna pick a super hero over me?" ashley whined "no,of course not.you are my one and only" sallu smiled kissing ash softly "gross,guys.get a room" danny said,sheilding his eyes."yeah,i mean hello,we are here" i said ,pulling a disgusted face. "oh well" ash smirked,kissing sally agin "jesus,dude,go make out somewhere else" i said pushing him and sally away.
just then ronnie radke walked up "hey amber,happy birthday" he smiled and hugged me. "you look hot" he smirked,wiggling his eyebrows. i shook my head "for the last time ronnie,you are not getting any." i said pating on the head. he mumbled something and then walked away.i wonder what he said?


translation 1-how dare you say captain america is better than batman!! batman is amazing you mentally deranged anal dwelling but monkey! were you dropped on your head as a baby?? idiotic man,you do not know super heros one bit! you're lucky you're cute!
translation 2-sigh,such an idiotic boy.did he not take spanish in school? sweet jesus,sometimes i wonder why i speak to him.
btw this is just a filler,please comment?:)x


Update this please
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
i'll try but i got alot of personal problems at the moment.i promise i will try my best :)
Update as soon as you're able to c: