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The Morticians Daughter


Ambers POV;
"wake your sexy ass up! its your birthday!" i heard andy yell. "fuck off" was my reply,he should know this by now.anyway,its been a year since i met andy and since then i moved in with him and got a job in hot topic,which is cool.i get a discount on the clothes! "oh come on its your birthday!!" i heard ashley yell and a bunch of "yeah" "get up" "lazzy ass" and "happy birthday"'s.everyones here.ITS MY BIRTHDAY!! IM 19!! "its my birthday!" i sang whilst dancing on the bed "yup,happy birthday!!!" jinxx yelled i grinned "thank youuuuu!" "open your presents" and said pointing towards a pile of presents in the corner of my room,"eekk" i squeaked and ran toward the pile of gifts.ashley and sally got me a leather jacket,a pair of batman converse,a black dress and some jewlery. jake and ella got me a pair of black rupped up skinnys,black vans with gold studs on them,a batman shirt and make up and some jewlery.cc and lauren got me the batman box set and some jewlery.jinxx and sammi go me a new camera,jewlery and some art stuff. "thank you so much guys" i said hugging them all "andy,give her your gift" ashley said excitedly. "okay,um,happy birthday amber" andy said hading me a box wrapped in black and gold wrapping paper and a gold ribbon,i opened it to reveal an necklace and bracelet-http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=79327785-"oh my god andy,its beautiful!i love it" i said wrapping my arms around the tall figure that stood before me."here let me put them on you" andy said taking the box from my hands.he plaed the bracelet on my tiny wrist and the necklace around my pale neck.i smiled,just then sammi dragged me to my closet. "come on,get dressed.me and the girls are giving you a make over for you birthday and then later tonight we're going for dinner" sh squealed excitedly. "a make over? im scared" i said. sammi rolled her eyes "just get dressed".


sorry its short and not very good but i nfelt like i needed to update.i have writers block so its not very good.plz comment:)x


Update this please
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
i'll try but i got alot of personal problems at the moment.i promise i will try my best :)
Update as soon as you're able to c: