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The Morticians Daughter


Jinxx POV ;
I placed my hand on her cheek.its really her,its really my little sister. "amber,its really you" i whispered.amber placed her hand to my cheek,as i had done to her. "jeremey" was all she whispered.she spoke. "oh my god,its you.its really fucking you! ive found you!" she screamed engulfing me in a huge hug. everyone was staring in shock as i spun my baby sister around in my arms. "she spoke!" jake yelled. "ive found you,i cant belive it.my baby sister,after all these fucking years my little sister" i screamed.
Andys POV;
amber just spoke,and she's jinxx's little sister.im in love with my band mates little sister.shit,and he knows.ah fuck fuck fuck. my train of thought was stopped by jinxx engulfing me into a huge hug "thank you so fucking much,if you hadnt of gone out to,you would of never found my baby sister.this is amazing!" jinxx exclaimed jumping around the room. "thank you so much andy,you are amazing andrew dennis biersack!" amber yelled crushing me in hug.for a small girl,she had alot of strength.i felt warm and fuzzy inside.i smiled and hugged her back."no problem,i really didnt do much"."lets go to the funfair to celebrate!" cc yelled "yeah!" everyone yelled in unison.so of we went.


sorry,i know its short and i know i havent updated in like forever but ive been grounded. plz comment:)X


Update this please
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
i'll try but i got alot of personal problems at the moment.i promise i will try my best :)
Update as soon as you're able to c: