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We'll Get Through This Together-Andy Biersack

Chapter 15- Your Forever Is All That I Need

Chapter 15- Your Forever Is All That I Need

I wake up to see that I fell asleep on Andy’s chest. The movie is on the menu screen and Andy’s still asleep. I’m still tired from last night so I snuggle into Andy’s chest and fall asleep again.


“Morning Imogen.” Andy says.

“Sorry for falling asleep on you, you’re comfortable though.” I laugh as I sit up.

“It’s okay; your mom said something about a birthday.” Andy says with an unsure look on his face.

“That would probably be because it’s my birthday today.” I stand up and turn the TV off and then sit back down. Pain shoots up the side of my rib cage but I try to ignore it.

“Why didn’t you tell me? We have so much to do.” An excited look spreads across Andy’s face.

“I don’t know, I just want to have a normal relaxed day. I’m only getting older.” I sigh.

“You’re only 17; I’ll be 17 in December. We’re not that old.” He laughs. “I’m going to go to my house and get dressed, go buy you a present and then come back here. We’re going to have an awesome day!” And y explains.

“You don’t have to get me a present Andy, just spend the day with me.”

“Too bad, I’ll be back in an hour.” He kisses my forehead and leaves.

I walk downstairs and see mom and dad holding presents.

“Happy birthday sweetie.” They smile and hug me.

“Thank you.” Mom hands me a present. “I’ll open them when Andy is here.” I smile back at them. “I’m going to take a shower.”

I head upstairs and have a shower.


I get dressed (outfit: http://25.media.tumblr.com/1f92c740397bba34799c220f6764d072/tumblr_mmziclLPzZ1rd668ko1_500.jpg) and then flat iron my hair. I apply my normal eye makeup and then go back to my lounge room and tidy it up. I put all the DVDs away and then clean my room a little. I put on some music and hum along to the lyrics.


I hear a knock at my door so I turn my music down and open it.

“Andy.” I smile. He snakes his arms around me and gives me a huge hug.

“Happy birthday beautiful.” He hands me a bag and we go to sit back in my room. “Well open it.” He laughs.

I open it and see that he got me 2 new albums and a heap of new bracelets.

“Thank you so much.” I hug him tightly and hear another knock at my door.

“You’re welcome, and I think that’s your mom and dad.” Andy smiles.

I open my door and see that mom and dad are carrying wrapped up objects.

“You didn’t have to get me all this stuff guys.”

“Yeah but we love you.” They say with happy looks on their faces.

I open everything up. I got 2 seasons of South Park, 1 season of American Dad, 5 new band tops, a new iPhone case and some new makeup.

“Thanks mom. Thanks dad.” I smile and hug them both.

“You’re welcome, happy birthday.” They say at the same time.

“Oh and be downstairs in 20 minutes, Amy and Chris have come over so you’re going to have a little party.” Mom says and then walks out the door with dad.

“Andy did you know about this?” I ask.

“Maybe.” He smiles. “Ash, Jake, Jinxx and Sandra are coming as well.”

“Cool.” I smile. “We haven’t seen them in a while.”

“So how does it feel being 17?” Andy smirks.

“No different from how I felt yesterday.” I shrug.

“And how were you feeling yesterday?”

“I spent my day with my best friend, so pretty good.”

He smiles. “But how were you feeling?”

“Meh mentally drained and tired.” I answer.

“I’m sure that it’ll get better one day. It will get better because nothing stays the same.” Andy hugs me.

“I’m so lucky to have you.” I say placing my head on his shoulder. I don’t know what I would have done without Andy.

We go downstairs and see Sandra, Ashley, Jake and Jinxx standing around.

“Hey guys.” Andy and I walk over to them and exchange our hellos.

“Happy birthday.” They all cheer and then hug me at the same time.

I got CDs from everyone which I thanked them for. Whilst Andy’s and my parents are off talking the guys convince me to watch a whole season of my new South Park in one night. We all agree and I quickly go the fridge with Andy and grab out food and drinks for everyone.

Andy and I sit back on the couch and begin watching the first episode.

Most people my age would want to spend their birthdays playing games or getting completely drunk. I’d rather watch movies with 5 other people then be in a crowded room playing stupid games that have no real purpose. It’s great to finally feel accepted by other people and to know that I’m not alone. I didn’t know that there were people who felt the same way. It’s weird; how one person can stop all the pain and they didn’t even try to, it’s simply the fact that you wake up every day and you have something to look forward to. Just seeing their face in the morning, even if that means that I have to go through a whole week of school just to have two days free of pain to spend with that one person, even if I do love my best friend.

“Andy.” I whisper to him. Jinxx and Sandra have fallen asleep as it’s now 10pm. We’ve been sitting here for hours, one season turned into two then we decide to buy pizza and watch movies.

“Hmm?” Andy replies.

“Thank you.”

“What for?” He asks.

“For taking all my pain away.” I say simply. “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“Well you’re welcome; I don’t know what I would have done without you. You mean a lot to me.” Andy smiles.

“If you’re going to do it then please go to your room and let me watch this.” Ashley says.

“We weren’t planning on that calm down.” Andy and I say to Ashley.

Andy wraps his arms around me and I rest my head on his chest. I wish that that this moment could last forever.


Hi, I hope that you liked this fan fiction and I'll post the first chapter to the sequel as soon as I can. I'll put a link to it here when I've posted it .Thanks for all the views and votes :)
Here's the link to the sequel: http://www.blackveilbridesfanfiction.com/Story/6950/Nobodys-Hero-Sequel-to-Well-Get-Through-This-Together/


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