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Jinxx's wild day out

Chapter 3: Jinxx picks-up Ash and CC, calls Eddie, Mark and Uncle Jessie

Jinxx pulls up to Sam Ash Music, making metal horns and sticking his tongue out at Ash and CC, laughing maniacally

"Get in, asswipes!!!," he chuckled, flipping the passenger seat for CC as he enters, bumping fists, then puts it down for Ash

"Who you calling asswipe, dickless??" CC smacks Jinxx on the head, laughing

"Yeah, that was an inappropriate greeting for your bros, dude!!" Ash retorted, shoving jinx's arm playfully

"Well freaking A, I didn't know you two were that sensitive to my words," Jinxx smirked a bit, then snickers, roaring out of the parking lot and making a right turn, heading for I-15

"So, check this out......this is our target.......I wanna behead the Sphinx before our show at HOB, and use it as a stage prop on my side," he tosses his smartphone to Ash, showing a picture of the Luxor Hotel with the Iconic Sphinx on Las Vegas Boulevard

"I don't suppose you wanna decapitate the Lion at MGM Grand, right across the street??" CC asked, looking at the phone with a laugh

"CC, don't give Jinxx any more ideas....this is a monumental task in itself, I sure hope you do have a plan, 'Hannibal!!" Ash sighed, handing the phone back to Jinxx

"As a matter of fact ,dudes, I do......first, we gotta get Eddie, our guitar Tech, Mark, who lives in Riverside, which is on the way, and finally, my Uncle Jessie....you remember him, right???" he laughs

"Who could ever forget....after all, he gave you that fucking Cannon he got shot out of at Full Throttle Saloon," CC busts up in hysterics, hi-fiving Ash

"Yeah, 'Mr. 'Puh-POWWWWWWW!!!' " Ash chimed in, shaking his head in amusement

"Glad he made an impression upon you lads," Jinxx grins, nodding his head as he pulls the car to the freeway on-ramp, passing slow-pokes and flipping them off, "so, trust me, my plan will be in-effect, one way or another, you'll see!!!!" He assures them, phoning Eddie on his smartphone

"Eddie, you fat fuck, get your ass outta bed and load-up the van with all of my toys, we're heading for 'Vegas.....meet us at the Luxor Hotel later this afternoon, I got Cc and Ash with me, and will pick-up Mark right now!!" he grins

"Fucking Jinxx, I'm hung over right now," Eddie sighs, slapping his forehead, " but, nevertheless, I'll pull myself together and see you douchebags there, all right??" he hangs up, groaning and holding his head, getting up, then runs to the bathroom to vomit

"DAMN, I AM AN EVIL SUPERGENIUS.....just like my idols, Wiley E. Coyote from 'The Roadrunner and Rico from 'The Penguins of Madagascar!!!' " he proclaimed in a gloating tone-of-voice

"You must have way too much time on your hands to watch fucking Cartoon!!" CC laughs out-loud as the car weaves in and out of traffic as Ash smirks, shaking his head

"This better be worth it.....after all, you are treating us once the 'prime directive' has been accomplished, right??" he asked Jinxx

"Whatever it takes, my pockets are deep, mutha-fuckas!!!!" he hi-fives Ash, then CC, laughing hysterically



That's just the tip of the iceberg, LOL!!! Jinxx has several other ideas in his head, soon to be featured in a future story


SchecterUser SchecterUser

This is like the best idea ever, we must destroy the sphinx haahhaah XD

ChelBvBarmy ChelBvBarmy

um... wow...

ZalheraSakurayu ZalheraSakurayu


the best is yet to come, LOL!


SchecterUser SchecterUser


ZalheraSakurayu ZalheraSakurayu