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The Outlaw's Opposite~~Ashley Purdy

Chapter Nine--Starbucks

Ashley’s P.O.V
I roll over with a groan as bright sun beams blind me. I lay in bed, thinking for a while. It’s a bit weird. Since me and Natasha stopped talking, I haven’t slept with a single girl. I haven’t really looked at any, not when the guys and I go to a bar, a signing or even just shopping. Except Kaid. I looked at her yesterday and she was definitely beautiful. Her personality was the best thing about her. Bubbly, fun, laid back. A smile makes its way onto my face as I think about her. Her fiery hair, bright eyes, contagious laugh.

I crawl out of bed, almost falling over as Tokyo and Killer wind around my ankles, yipping joyously at the sight of me awake. Chuckling, I feed them and pour some fresh water into their dish. I pat them for a moment before I get myself some Lucky Charms and stretch across my couch with a relaxed sigh. I flip on the TV for background noise and pick my phone up.

I’m playing Candy Crush when I see the writing on my hand. I grin at it a bit and dial in her number. After a few rings, giving me enough time to contemplate whether or not I should really call her, she picks up. “Hello?” She asks. “Hi, um, Kaid. It’s Ashley.” I stammer back. “Well, hi!” She greets happily. I hear the clanking of ceramic dishes and running water. “Are you busy? I can call back.” I offer, slightly disappointed. “Why don’t you meet me at Starbucks?” She suggests. “Sure. I’ll be there soon.” I reply, hanging up.

I shower and change into a black t-shirt that hangs low on my neck, revealing my collarbone. I tug on a pair of black skinny jeans and smear on a bit of eyeliner. I don’t bother lacing my boots as I pull my leather jacket over my shoulders and race out to my car, excited to be meeting up with Kaid.

I drive to the nearest Starbucks and park. As soon as I step in, I can smell the sugar of pastries and the distinct scent of coffee. Kaid leans over the empty counter and waves. “Hey!” She grins, jogging out to meet me with a hug. I smile down at her, towering over her tiny frame. “I’m short, I know.” She mutters, rolling her eyes. Chuckling, I sit at the counter. “I didn’t know you worked here.” I say as she rests her elbows against the dark wood, glancing up to make sure no other customers came in. There’s an elderly man, a couple and a few teenage girls already seated with their coffee. As far as I can see, Kaid is the only employee working.

“Well, I have to pay for school somehow.” She responds, her sparkling smile never leaving her face. “School?” I inquire in interest. “I’m hoping to become a neuroscientist.” She grins. “Wow!” I exclaim. She seemed more into art or writing in my opinion. “So, Mr. Purdy, what can I get you?” She asks, motioning to the array of coffee and latte machines. “I’ll just have a coffee. Black.” I answer. She shivers and sticks out her tongue, telling me how utterly disgusting back coffee is, showing off a simple piercing on the tip of her tongue in the process. I laugh and take the steaming drink.

“So, what else do you like?” I ask, sipping and burning my tongue on the liquid. “Well, I love reading. Old stuff, classics really. And I love to party with my friends.” She says back, getting herself a caramel latte with extra whipped cream. “Really? Well, if you don’t need to study, why don’t you and Savanah come to Jake’s party? It’s tonight at 7.” I offer with a grin. She smiles. “I’d love to!” She accepts with a wink, clapping her palms together.

I smirk and gulp another mouthful off my warm coffee. She pries the top off her latte and taking a plastic spoon, starts to eat the whipped cream. I laugh. Stretching her arm towards me, Kaid swipes the cold spoon across my cheek, lathering it with the sticky cream. I gasp and start to chuckle maniacally. “You’re going to get it!” I declare, dipping my finger into her drink. She shrieks and turns, trying to hide her face as I lean over the counter and wipe the whipped cream onto her forehead. “Ashley Purdy, you did not just do that!” She squeaks. “Oh but I did!” I retort, spreading more of the topping across her nose. Yelping, she scurries away with flailing arms. Her hand tips over the cup. The latte leaks out, onto my lap. “Oops!” She cries in surprise as an EMPLOYEE’S ONLY door swings open.

“Sylver! Knock that off and clean up now!” The man bellows, pointing to a janitor closet with a chubby finger. Nodding rapidly, she runs into the closet and emerges with a mop, bucket and even darker blush. Once the man, I’m assuming her boss, is out of earshot, I let loose my laughter, clutching my stomach. “Ashley, this is not funny!” She protests, trying to keep a straight face, a few short giggles escaping her lips. “Well, I’m laughing aren’t I?” I ask with a smirk. She looks up with a glower and scrapes a bit of whipped cream from her skirt, flicking it at me. It lands on my nose.

I growl at her when my phone starts to ring. “Ashley! We need to start tracking the new song. Come to the studio, okay?” Andy requests frantically. “Yeah sure. Be there in thirty.” I agree easily, hanging up and shoving the phone into my back pocket. “I’ve got to go.” I tell Kaid, leaving a 20 dollar bill on the counter. She nods and waves. “Oh, this is too much.” She says, shoving the bill back to me. “Keep it. Meet me at the party, alright?” I double check, striding towards the door and turning, waiting for her answer.
“See you then!”’

I glide the wand across my lip and puckering, checking them in the mirror. I’m in a knee length, white dress with a thick brown belt across the waist, dark brown ankle boots and a matching, leather jacket. I did a smoky eye with subtle pink lips and dark pink blush. My hair is in tight curls, tied up onto my head with a black bandana.

“I’m ready!” I call to Lindsay, stepping out of my bathroom. She wolf whistles with an approving nod, getting off my couch. She has on a body-hugging black dress, black heels, dark make up and shockingly red lips. Her bouncy hair is surrounding her face, giving off the impression it’s slimmer than what it really is in reality. We slide into her silver Dodge Charge and drive to whoever’s house the party is at.

We were invited by a bar regular—who Lindsay has her eye on—who was a friend of a friend of the party thrower. It took hours for her to convince me to come, quickly picking up on my depressed mood lately. Having quit at the bar and not being able to find a job, I’m hundreds of dollars behind all the bills. Add Ashley in and I’m a mess.

We pull up to a large house with people spilling out from both doors. Music blares through speakers, hidden somewhere inside. I step in, letting the smell of alcohol—something I hate and am definitely not missing from the bar—waft up my nostrils. Lindsay is instantly dragged off by a drunken man, leading her to the dance floor.

I sigh and lean against a table, ignoring the drinks. I’ve steered clear since my…incident. Luckily, the doctors decided I don't need to go to a mental hospital. “We need to leave!” Lindsay demands without an explanation, grabbing my arm. Thankfully, she doesn’t seem intoxicated at all yet.

“What? Why? That guy certainly looked like he was into you.” I yell over the music. “No, Tash, I’m serious. We need to go.” She repeats firmly, dragging me off. I plant my feet into the ground, determined to have fun. “I don’t want to go.” I tell her, crossing my arms like a child. “Seriously, Tash. Get in the fucking car. Please, I’m doing this for you.” She says, going behind me and weaving us through a cluster of sweaty people. “Tell me why!” I request, confused over why she was so excited to come and now she can’t wait to leave. “Natasha, come on. I’ll tell you later.” She mumbles, rubbing her cheeks as if she was tired. “Whatever.” I mutter, letting her drag me to the car.
But not before I see Ashley making out with a red-headed girl


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Aww, thank you so much!

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I really like this. The story is very addicting, and the writing is simply amazing. Looking forward to the next update.

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XD yup!!

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Haha! I think I would've kicked him in the crotch and then drive his car into the lake c;

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