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The Outlaw's Opposite~~Ashley Purdy

Chapter Eight--Kaid

I brush a piece of my hair behind my ear and shuffle inside the venue. It’s still dark; the lights onstage are turned off. It’s packed though. Teenage girls, their boyfriends, some adults, all stand awaiting the concert excitedly. I’m everything but excited.

I’m sick to my stomach, the thought of facing him making me nervous beyond belief. I rub my hands down my face, tapping the toes of my heels against the floor. I twist my VIP bracelet around my wrist, the material digging into my skin. I gulp in a breath as the lights flick on.
Jake jumps onto the stage with a goofy grin on his face, running his finger down the neck of his guitar. Jinxx comes on next, sticking out his tongue and shaking his head, letting his teased hair flop around his neck. CC runs on, cheering and pumping his fist into the air before sliding into his seat behind his drums. Ashley and Andy walk on together, both smiling. Andy makes the rock sign as he bounces up to the mic, giving a brief introduction and thanking everyone for coming.

I listen as they start with Wretched and Devine. The girls beside me scream as Jake strides to the front of the stage, maybe twenty feet away from them. I’m close to the stage, hoping that I manage to catch Ashley’s eye. At the same time, I pray desperately that I don’t. If I make it to the end of the concert without him noticing me in the front of the crowd, I’ll just give my backstage, meet & greet, pass to one of the teenage girls. I’m sure they’d be ecstatic.

As they start their third song, Devil’s Choir, Ashley runs up, waving to the girls. I duck my head, letting my curled hair fall into my face. I see Ashley fist pump, sweat trickling down his hairline. “Hi girls!” He shouts to them as the song finishes. Andy jogs off stage to get someone to fix his microphone that went out halfway through the song; he had to use Jinxx’s.

The girls squeal, reaching out to touch Ashley. He lets them and grabs a girl’s phone. He films the other guys on stage and hands it back to her. He’s about to leave, help Andy and the technicians, when I look up. He sees me. “Natasha?” He calls out in shock. I avoid eye contact, pretending I don’t see him. “Natasha!” He repeats. I look away. In the corner of my eye, I see him glaring at my ignoring him and stalking away, to the other side of the stage.

I sigh, combing my fingers through my hair as they start up again, playing a song I don’t know. The concert goes on although the whole time, Ashley seems to be looking at me. Andy once again thanks everyone and the band leaves the stage, getting changed for the signing and meet and greet. I’m about to hand off my pass to someone else when hands wrap around my arm like a vice. “Hey!” I protest.

I look up to find Ashley dragging me backstage, rolling his eyes. “Let me go!” I demand, struggling against his tight grip. “Not until you tell me what you’re doing here.” He says, releasing me in a janitor’s closet. “I like your music.” I lie. It’s not that I don’t like Black Veil Brides, it’s just that that’s not why I’m here.

I don’t really know why I’m here. I told myself I wanted to apologize to Ashley but I can’t find any words when I’m actually standing beside him. His eyes bore into mine. “Why are you actually here?” He spits, running a hand through his hair, working out the tangles. “I don’t know.” I respond simply. He turns to leave. I catch his shoulder, pulling me to face him. “No, Ash, I’m—I’m sorry.” I stammer, looking at his nose instead of his eyes.

“I told you Natasha.” He says, momentarily pausing. He licks his lips. “I told you; save it.” He mutters, turning from me again. “Ashley! I’m sorry. Can’t I explain?” I wail although I don’t know what I have to explain. I was wrong. I treated him horribly. “I don’t want to hear it!” He yells, facing me. “I don’t want to see you! Okay? Stay away from me.” He saunters out of the closet. I pound my fists on the wall and yank my backstage pass off. I toss it to the ground and leave the venue quickly.
I hop in my car and speed home.

I aimlessly wander through the back halls of the venue we just had our concert at. “Hey! Ash, the meet and greet just started! Where have you been?” CC cries, dashing over to me on his long legs. “Oh, sorry. Let’s go.” I grumble, following him to our dressing room where we’re meeting some of the fans.

I sit on the couch inside, staring ahead as the other guys converse with the fans—three girls and one guy that all came together. There’s supposed to be five people after every show but Natasha left.

“What’s up with you?” A light, fluttery voice asks. I can tell they’re smiling. I look over to find a pretty, young girl waiting for a response. “Nothing. Do you want something signed? A picture taken?” I suggest, turning the corners of my lips into a smile as I look the girl over.

She’s slim, has bright red hair braided behind her back and a pale, heart shaped face. “Sure!” She agrees with an infectious grin. I get Andy to take a picture on her iPhone and then I sign a BVB shirt. Her friends seem star struck as the talk to my bandmates happily while the girl seems more casual. “What’s your name?” I ask politely, looking for something to get my mind off Natasha. “I’m Kaid.” She replies, sitting in a spinning office chair.

I stick my hand out for her to shake. She does so, her amazing smile never leaving her face.
“Did you have fun at the concert?” I question, my mind slowly finding something else to focus on. “Oh yeah! It was great!” Kaid squeals with a peppy clap of her hands. I chuckle. “I’ve always wanted to come to one of your concerts! My friend, Savannah, bought me tickets for my twentieth birthday!” She adds, pointing to a girl with bright blue hair that’s in a deep conversation with Andy. “You don’t look twenty.” I tell her with a gentle smirk. “Is that good or bad?” She says back, twirling a piece of her hair around a finger, biting her lip. I laugh lightly.

“Where do you live?” I ask, leaning forward with my elbows on my knees. She mimics my movements with a grin. “That’s a creepy question.” She laughs. I roll my eyes with a smile. “I live a few minutes away with Savanah.” Kaid answers. I nod a bit. She kicks her legs and starts to spin in the chair, propelling herself forward with her heels. She giggles as I reach out and help her, spinning the chair. “Stop it! I’m dizzy!” She whines, smiling. I laugh a little and stop the chair.

She jumps up, testing to see if she can walk straight. She ends up wobbling and crashing to the ground. “Ow!” She moans, scampering up to her feet. “Okay, we must go!” Savanah says sadly, coming over to collect her dizzy friend. As they’re leaving, Kaid reaches out and picks up the black sharpie we used to sign their stuff. She grabs my hand and scribbles out a number. “Call me.” She tells me with a smirk, bouncing rambunctiously out of the room. I stare at the number, rubbing my thumb over the ink.

“Maybe I will…”


Ooh! New girl c; Anyway! Sorry it's so short but I really wanted to add in Kaid so I had to updated! You should check out my Jacky Vincent love story called Part of The Plan on Mibba! My username is BadlyBroken <3


@Havic Fortuna

Aww, thank you so much!

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I really like this. The story is very addicting, and the writing is simply amazing. Looking forward to the next update.

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XD yup!!

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All three XD

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Haha! I think I would've kicked him in the crotch and then drive his car into the lake c;

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