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The Outlaw's Opposite~~Ashley Purdy

Chapter Eleven--iPhones

Another day, completed. I’d congratulate myself—my life is crumbling down around me and I haven’t given in to the temptations of alcohol and pills—but I honestly, truly, just don’t care enough.

Sleepless nights, unreasonably tears, stress, it’s slowly taking its toll on me. Dark purple bags rings my brown eyes, I’ve grown skinnier, my hair is always tangled, I just lay in my bed. I don’t want to wallow away in self-pity but I can’t help it. Without a job, it’s not like I have anything else to do.

As I sit under the covers of my bed, staring aimlessly at the ceiling, I wonder what Ashley is doing.

It hits me; could he be the root of all these problems? I know that that’s what I’ve been saying, telling myself, but I always just blamed it on something else. Something deeper, like my dead fiancé. But, maybe Ashley is the real reason.

I thought he was just another one of those pointless relationships, like the ones I had right after I miscarried. Now that I can’t see his face, I can’t talk to him, I can’t spend time with him, well, it seems as though I want something else from him.

Do I want a long-term relationship, ending in marriage and children, dying together in our old age? Is that what was supposed to happen with us? Or are we supposed to go our separate lives and find someone else? Damn, I need a sign.

But signs only come in movies, where everything ends happily. Judging by my past, I’m not in for one of those. Ashley is though, he deserves one. And I bet that happy fairy-fucking-tale ending is with Kaid.

Angry at the red-haired beauty that I witnessed Ashley with, I squeeze my eyes shut only to be awarded a sleep terrorized with deranged nightmares.

I wake up, across Ashley’s chest. I smile, gently swirling my finger in whimsical patterns on his stomach. His body radiates warmth, so, I scooch closer to him and lay my head on his shoulder. I can hear the faint thump of his heartbeat.

Suddenly, a loud noise slices through the silence. Before Ashley can awake, I grab his phone—the source of the terrible ringing—and answer the call.

“Hello?” I ask, somewhat irritated that my peaceful morning cuddle was wrecked. At least Ashley didn’t wake up.

“Hi, Kaid.” Someone replies sweetly. “Who is this?” I demand, my voice laced with venom, my words dripping with obvious annoyance. “Don’t have to be a bitch.” They mutter. “It’s Lindsay—you probably don’t remember me because every time we meet, you get shitfaced.” They add.

“And you don’t?” I sneer, knowing who Lindsay is. We’ve been to a bunch of the same parties. “Whatever.” She huffs. “Why are you calling Ashley?” I growl, glancing over to the sleeping man. He looks so peaceful, even more attractive if that’s possible.

“We’re…friends.” She responds slowly, carefully. Better not be too close, I think bitterly, picturing the girl—who I must admit is pretty. I’m sure she could take Ash from me if she wanted. I’m not having that, though. Ashley is mine.

“Not anymore.” I say firmly. I have a feeling things might get loud so I crawl out of bed cautiously as to keep Ashley asleep and sit in the kitchen. “Excuse me?” She requests incredulously, obviously shocked.

I smirk at the surprise in her voice. “I’m his girlfriend and you need to stay away from him.” I hiss. “You don’t control him!” She shouts. “Fuck yes I do.” I snicker, flicking my tongue over my chapped lips. “He won’t let you boss him around!” Lindsay says confidently.

As if.

“He will when he doesn’t know I’m controlling him. And I’ll do as I damn well please and if you don’t keep your nose out of my business, you won’t like what happens next.” I whisper menacingly, hearing a door open.

Ashley walks out. “Kaid?” He calls groggily. “In here!” I greet, hanging up on a pissed Lindsay and tossing his phone under a pillow, hoping he didn’t realize I intercepted his call. He smiles and sits with me on the couch.

“Do you need me to drive you to class?” He asks, tugging on a pair of jeans over his boxers. “Shit, what time is it?” I shout in mock-surprise, slipping his phone into his seat before he notices. He turns and pats around the couch, his smile widening when his hand hits the smooth screen of his phone. Tiredly, he must think he dropped it.

Ashley checks the time. “Only nine. You should be able to get to most of your classes.” He states, pulling a shirt over his bare chest. “Thanks, lovely. I’ll go shower, ‘kay?” I say, skipping past him, quickly pecking his cheek, and dashing to the bathroom.

As I step into the warm water, I can’t help but smile sickly. Ashley is mine.
And Lindsay won’t be able to change that, no matter what she tries.


I wake up and stretch out my arms, then my legs. I crawl out of bed and stagger to the living room to see Lindsay there, holding a phone. No, my phone. “Why do you have that?” I ask, pausing in the hall, looking around the living room to make sure nothing is out of place.

“Oh, you’re awake! How ‘bout some toast?” She says brightly, jumping up overenthusiastically and running to the kitchen. “Linds,” I pause, resting my hand on my hip. “Why do you have my phone?”

An idea pops in my head. “Did you call Ashley?” I shriek, panic rising. “Um…no?” She responds, chewing furiously on her bottom lip, a blush inflaming her usually pale cheeks.
“Lindsay Evans, I swear to god, if you called him, I will rip out all your hair!” I threaten, pointing to her favorite thing about herself—her frizzy red hair.

“No!” She whimpers, stroking a few locks of hair. “Did you call him?” I inquire again, taking a few steps forward. Releasing a hesitant sigh, she nods, letting her red hair bob around her face. “Why?” I moan, falling onto the couch.

“No, no, he didn’t even answer.” She stammers; something is obviously on her mind. She’s not telling me something. “Then who did?” I ask suspiciously. “Um,” Lindsay says something under her breath then looks up. “No one. I promise I won’t do it again.” She apologizes, bringing me in for a hug.

I wrap my arms around her. “Good. Or else, you’ll end up bald!” I joke, playing with her messy mound of hair. She pokes out her tongue and gets up, heading for the toaster.
Hopefully whatever she’s neglecting to tell me isn’t too important….


Crappy chapter :/


@Havic Fortuna

Aww, thank you so much!

BeccaSixx BeccaSixx

I really like this. The story is very addicting, and the writing is simply amazing. Looking forward to the next update.

Havic Fortuna Havic Fortuna

@Purdy 4ever
XD yup!!

BeccaSixx BeccaSixx


All three XD

CountryEmoGirl CountryEmoGirl

@Purdy 4ever

Haha! I think I would've kicked him in the crotch and then drive his car into the lake c;

BeccaSixx BeccaSixx