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The Outlaw's Opposite~~Ashley Purdy

Chapter Twelve--Friends?

Ashley’s P.O.V.
I grab a random box of cereal and skim over the title. I shrug, tossing it into the cart. It lands with a thud as I move on, picking out various groceries including things from the list Kaid asked me to pick up for when she was at my house, which seemed to be a lot.

I grin, thinking about the enthusiastic, red-head who I just dropped off at college. I take a carton of milk from the refrigerator and put it in the cart, finished with the list. As I walk to the checkout, rolling my cart in front of me, a teenage girl timidly walks up and asks for a picture. I happily oblige and snap a picture of us on her iPod, talking with her for a couple minutes before politely excusing myself and reaching the row of cash registers.

I love meeting fans, they are the reason I’m famous. I earned a whole new respect for talking to the people who like our music since that’s how Kaid and I met.

Kaid is always on my mind, whether it’s when I’m going to sleep and she’s not there, staying at her house to study, or when I’m the studio. The guys are slowly getting fed up with me, as we’re working out important album and tour details. I’m never paying attention, I’m always thinking about Kaid.

It’s safe to say we’re a couple—I’ve met some of her college friends, she’s met the band, we’ve been on a few dates, we’ve kissed lots. “Sir?” The cashier says in annoyance. I snap into reality and realize I’m at the front of the line now.

“Sorry.” I blush, putting my groceries onto the conveyer belt. I grab the couple bags, handing her the money and head out of the store and towards my car.

Once again, Kaid enters my mind. Her always positive, caring and sweet attitude, the way she puts other people before her—she’s amazing. Not to mention her intelligence, and the way she studies hard so that she can achieve her dream of becoming a neuroscientist.

I suddenly ram into another person, sending her onto the ground. “Oh shit! I’m so sorry.” I apologize quickly, reaching my hand out for her to take. She dodges it and scrambles to her feet. “Whatever, it’s okay.” She mumbles, turning and scuttling towards the store. I see familiar curls, the small frame of Natasha.

“Wait!” I cry, dashing after her. I latch my hands onto her shoulder. “Let me go Ashley.” She huffs, tapping her foot impatiently. “I just wanted to say hi.” I tell her quietly, looking down into her eyes. She turns her head slightly. “Not last time I saw you. You clearly told me to stay away.” She grumbles.

“I know but…I’m sorry about that.” I start, her interrupting me by waving her hand. “Yeah, sure.” “No, really!” I say honestly. She meets my gaze, clenching her jaw, seemingly asking me to continue. “I’m sorry I was so harsh,” I pause. “I want us to be friends.”

I see her brown eyes light up, then dim again. I can tell she’s contemplating trusting me, wondering if I’m sincere. I reach out and tenderly brush a piece of her wavy hair from her face. As my fingers touch her cheek, her lips twitch into a small, barely-noticeable smile.

Releasing a sigh, she nods. “Ok, sure.” She agrees reluctantly. I offer her a huge, lopsided grin. “Well then, friend, how about I help you with your shopping?” I suggest.

She bites her lip. “I don’t think so, Ash.” I note how she uses a nickname, an unplaceable look shimmering in her brown irises. I’m confused; why won’t she let me spend time with her? It’s nothing, just shopping. “Come on! I have no one to hang out with!” I whine pleadingly.

“Nice to know I’m the last choice.” She chuckles sarcastically. At first I think I really hurt her feelings, but she rolls her eyes and starts towards the store. I don’t know if I should follow, so I just stay with my feet planted on the gravely pavement. “Are you going to help me or not?” She demands over her shoulder. I smirk and run to catch up with her.

It’s so hard. I can’t bear to stand this close to Ashley, pretending he’s my friend. It’s killing me to not be able to tell him how I feel, how I’m sorry for what I did, how I miss waking up to see his peaceful, sleeping face, how I miss him.

He’s got a girlfriend, I chant inwardly. I’m not her, I can’t be her, he doesn’t want me to be her, I’m not her. I restrain myself from touching my cheek where his fingers touched, my skin alive with happiness and electricity. It felt so nice, the simple gesture. I should never have agreed to being his friend.

How can I possibly move on with him next to me? I’ll never be able to forget the fondness I have for him. The way I feel about him doesn’t compare to my almost-husband. The way I feel about Ash is completely, utterly different.

When he says my name, my heart leaps. When he looks directly into my eyes, my breath hitches in my throat. Lloyd—my fiancé—was always the same. I loved him and I was crushed when he died, but nothing was interesting. Loving him was routine.

After a while, I no longer felt sparks throughout my body when we kissed, I no longer found out new things about him. Ashley is…a mystery. A mystery that I feel will never be fully solved. I’ll always be intrigued by his crooked smile, his happy smirk, his passion for music. I can tell.

I need to stop thinking about him, I need to think about myself. I need to. I need to finally find someone else, to find a job, pay off my bills.
“What’s wrong?” Ash asks worriedly as we step into the grocery store. “Nothing.” I lie. In reality, what isn’t wrong?


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@Havic Fortuna

Aww, thank you so much!

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I really like this. The story is very addicting, and the writing is simply amazing. Looking forward to the next update.

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XD yup!!

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All three XD

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@Purdy 4ever

Haha! I think I would've kicked him in the crotch and then drive his car into the lake c;

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