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Heavens Calling

Band Rehearsals

Ambers POV: "amber how many cans of monster have you had?" Andy asked,referring to me drinking my 5th can of monster "em 5" I grinned "shit"yelled sally "she's gonna be so fucking hyper" she sighed I just laughed. "come on guys we gotta practice our gigs are tommorow and we are playing infront of micheal standby......OF STANDBY RECORDS!" cc yelled running to his drum kit at the back of the stage in the school assembly hall. "ok you guys go first,we'll go after you" lily smiled. "ok"Jake smiled walking to his guitar.the boys started playing and they were absoloutly amazing and I'm not just saying that cos their my best freinds,they ARE!. After practacing the songs their playing tommorow Andy and the boys came off the stage and me and the girls went on the stafe.the energy drink handt kicked in yet,it takes a while.we started sining a song calledsteel wings.after playing all of the songs we're gonna sing tomorrow we heade to lunch with Andy,Jake,cc,Ashley,jinxx and jinxx's girlfreind sammi. "why don't you just tell him you like him?"I whisperd to sally. "I will tell Ashley when you tell Andy and lily tells Jake and Lola tells cc" she whisperd back "oh,well your a fucking pussy"I said shoving her slightly "well your a cow" "moo" "you bitch" "woof" "ok you tosser" sally smirked "ok you win" I put my hands up in defeat.she laughed.I could feel the 5 cans of energy drink taking effect.I then ran and jumped on andys back and yelled "away batman,the joker is causing havec in the lunch hall" he laughed "that fucking joker,let's go batgirl" he said running towards the lunch hall. The others were laughing behind us.when we got to the lunch hall Andy put me down and we made our way to get food. We all just got a sandwich. We sat down and started talking about the gig tommorow."its gonna bee Amazing"lily grinned." I know,I really think this is gonna be the start of something big for us"cc smiled taking a bite of his sandwich. Just then two big popular Jock guys came over. "hello faggots" I said grabbing Andy by the clooar and yanking him off of his chair. "what the fuck do you think your doing " I spat at the tallest oones face. "what does it matter to you"he said shoving Andy again "he's my best freind,dickhead" "what you gonna do about it then? Your nothing but a weak pathetic,useless freaky girl and he's nothing but a fucking faggot like the rest of them all" he said punching Andy .I lost it.with the energy drink,adrenaline and anger rushing through my veins I lashed out punching the guy that was beating Andy. "you oversized,meat head,fucking cunt face bully" I yelled punching him over and over until he was on the floor. I continued to punch him.Andy pulled me off. I was shaking and crying. Andy pulled me into a huge hug and started singing to me,iris by googoo dolls.when he was finsished he picked me up and carried me to his car."its ok we can go back to mine,mum and dad won't mind.I'll explain what happend,they'll understand" he comforted mewhilst placing me into the passenger seat. "I'm sorry,he was just talking shit about you,and the boys and the girls and I've had enough of it.I can't just sit ther and watch them do that to you" I said wiping my tears as Andy got into the drivers seat. "its ok angel" he said kissing mhead.we drove oof to andys house and spent the rest of the day talking and singing and playing x box and eating. Andy let me spend the night at his house,I'm lucky tomorrow was Saturday or I would be in deep shit at school.


Ent would mean a lot :)x


I rrally love this story. :)