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The Beatifully Remained

The Beatifully Remained

The Beatifully Remained

So for some reason you decided to come to my page thingy. I guess I will say a little about myself. My name is Aislynn. It rhymes with raisin but without the "r" and an "L" is in it. I sing and play guitar. I love to read. Music is my life. I'm a vegetarian that's lives with big meat eaters. I love to read and write. In my free time, I usually write creepy short stories. Edgar Allen Poe is a big insipiration to me. That's probably why I don't have a lot of friends. Haha.

Sometimes it takes me a while to update and that is because I focus a lot of my time on school and my music. Yes, I'm a little book nerd. Yes, I read during my lunch periods while I eat garden salsa chips. I'm weird in general.

Also I would love to do collaborations! I have never done one before, but if you have an idea or whatever just message me and I'll get in touch. :)




PG-13 Romance Comedy Drama

Hate. They hate her even though they don't know her.


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