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My Black Apocalyptic Romance

Don't You Love It when a plan comes together?

Andy Biersack

Waiting patiently in the abandoned toilets, I stared at the clock on my phone, the seconds ticking like hours. I had to wait another 30 minutes until all the staff left the school, then I would put my plan into action. It was very simple you see. Sneak into the office once the school’s closed, grab my exam paper, and change the results to an A grade. Then I wouldn’t be flunked out of school, and the orphanage would still help fund me when I move out next year. Perfect!

Hearing approaching footsteps, I quickly got off the murky floor, and jumped up into the old ventilation shaft. This had been my hiding spot when people came in. It was very low in these bathrooms, and since I was very tall, I could just climb in the hole. True, most people shouldn’t be able to fit in the ventilation, but I was also very skinny along with my height, so I could fit in as long as I crawled. Looking down, I tried to see who had entered the bathroom by the door; I could make out the messy face of our school caretaker. Muttering something to himself, his piercing eyes scanned the room.

Letting out a breath of relief when he didn’t spot me, I figured I was safe. That was until I heard a tiny click, come from the door. I felt a sudden sickness in my chest, as I had a really bad feeling about what it could be. Rushing out the vents, I ran to the door, trying desperately to open them. They wouldn’t! I had been locked in! Well, how the fuck was I supposed to change my exam result now? I kicked and banged at the door, in a failed attempt to open it. I groaned, now what was I going to do? Shimmy through the vents to get there? Jesus Chri…

Wait a minute. That wasn’t such a bad idea. All these vents are linked up, and the office was only a couple rooms down. If shimmied across the office, I could change my exam results, and then use the key Mr Watkins left under his desk, in order to get out! It was perfect!
“Ha, who needs math’s revision, when you’re a genius?” With a new hope in my heart, I made my way up into the vents. It was a good thing I didn’t have claustrophobia, as all 4 sides of the cold metal squished me down. I had to admit, this plan was a little harder than I first expected. Crawling through the vents, it took me 15 minutes to go 1 metre. It was all going to be worth it though, and that’s what I just had to keep telling myself.

About an hour and half later, I had almost made it to the office. Groaning, I paused in order to catch my breath. This was hell. I was sweating, my arms ached, and I had begun to breathe in my own Carbon Dioxide. It was too late to go back though; the only way to get out was to keep going forwards. I was about to begin moving again, when I heard a low grumble come from the other end of the vents. It was a threatening growl, like someone had placed hunting dogs in the ventilation. Freezing, adrenaline began to pump through my body, as my mind went wild with what it could be. I heard another growl, this time louder and nearer.

Woosh! A sudden burst of air slapped me in the face, and raced across my body. Harsh and fast it took away my breath, and began pulling my body. I couldn’t hold on, as it kept attacking me at a powerful eight, hitting me in the face. I was pulled back by the sheer force of the wind, as I went tumbling down the vents, at a much faster pace than when I had been going forwards. I couldn’t see, as my mind struggled to understand what was happening. I felt my body be banged about, as my sight was nothing more than a blur. That’s when I felt something metal hit the back of my head, and my world turned to shadows. As the wind cooled down, the shadows became darkness. Then, the darkness became nothing.


My head ached, I felt a heavy weight crash down on my eye’s as I tried to open them. Waking, my eyes adjusted to the low light. There was even less light than I remembered. I tried to move, only to find all my joints aching like crazy. They felt so stiff, how long had I been out? Shuffling my hands across the cold metal floor, I tried to find my phone, only to then discover it had no battery. Fucking great, my throat felt dry, like I hadn’t drunk in days. Whose idea was it anyway to go up here?

I jumped; as I heard something begin to bang against the vents. There was another bang, and another, coming from near the entrance. Sneaking down to the entrance of the vent shaft, I peaked outside, when I saw the back of the caretakers head, banging against the vents near to where I was. He moaned and grunted. Guess he was tired or something. He began to turn around, so before he could see me, I ducked back in. Okay, so I hadn’t been spotted just yet. I heard others approaching me, as more moans and grunts became louder and louder. Must be early in the morning and the teacher’s had just arrived. Why else would they be moaning?

I figured I best find another place to sneak out. Slipping back into the vent, I turned left and went back into the darkness. The vents seemed to creak under my weight, as if they were rusty or something. They needed to clean them more often. I heard a usually loud creak from under me, my body suddenly felt light as the vents split, and I went tumbling through the air.

Crash! I fell down into the room below, I had to admit, it didn’t hurt as much I expected too, when I heard a moan from under me. Looking down, my heart stopped, I fell on the head teacher Mr Watkins!
“Oh my god sir I’m so sor…” I stared in fright and disbelief. The face underneath me was half ripped off! His suit was covered in blood, and one eye seemed to have fallen from his eye socket. He growled, as I felt a skeleton hand grab my arm.
“AAAAAHHHHHHH!” My mind went into melt down mode. What the fuck! I jumped up, as ripped his arm off me, detaching it from his body. I screamed again as I saw another one of those things behind him. The caretaker! He didn’t have a face! Oh god, I was going to die! What the fuck was going on?

I felt another hand grab me. Spinning round I got ready to punch whatever creature was behind me. My fist was caught mid air, as I found myself face to face with rich brown eyes.
“Shut up and run.”


YAY My first proper chapter.

*Blows trumpet*

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Please UPDATE!!!
ShadowFang ShadowFang

It does have co authors all you have to do is go to your account and go to the story that you're writing. Then you click on authors and then you click add author. You're welcome.

@Screaming Tears
ummm, we actually have like 17 chapters for this, sadly bvbff (this website) doesn't currently or to my knowledge have co-authors, i would update this if i could. In case youre wondering who i am, im one of the co-authors for this story. But, if you go on mibba.com the story with many more chapters is on there! here's a link, happy reading! :D
LINK: http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/509479/My-Black-Apocalyptic-Romance/


lol, i get it, you used andys whole Ninja or Pirate thing, oh classic andy. anyway here's a link to the full story of this on mibba.com :) http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/509479/My-Black-Apocalyptic-Romance/

@AxiA Girl

thanks for liking this story! here's the other chapter on mibba. http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/509479/My-Black-Apocalyptic-Romance/

dying no more! here's the other chapters on mibba.com idk if you have an account for mibba, but... you can always make one! :) http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/509479/My-Black-Apocalyptic-Romance/

i know, who doesnt love sixx killer, im one of the co-authors for this story, so please enjoy reading the other chapters on mibba.com! http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/509479/My-Black-Apocalyptic-Romance/

IceCoolFashion IceCoolFashion
Screaming Tears Screaming Tears
you need to update this. now.