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Fate Will Find a Way

What's Inside is What Matters Most Part 1

My alarm went off, waking both Ivan and I up. I must have forgotten to turn off my alarm when we fell asleep in each other's arms. And boy, did I love it.
"Baaabbeee turn it oooooffff" he said as he slid his hand down my naked torso in comfort.
"I know, I know."
It played Done For You by Black Veil Brides. I wanted to listen to it at this point more than anything. Ivan liked Black Veil Brides just as much as I did, not so much as the rest of the band though. I decided to turn it down so we could listen to it together, he knew.
Ivan began singing along, in which he had a beautiful singing voice but he prefered playing drums more than anything. It was his passion. He slid his hand up my bare back to rest on my head and put his other around my waist to pull me against his naked chest. He was so warm and so cuddly in this moment, I felt like I was literally melting into him.
"Words they don't know how to make amends and all they do is push you to the edge but it's not wasted.
It's all done for you, oh ohhh. It's all done for you, oh ohhh." I honestly fan girl at his singing voice.
It serves me right since I'm 16 and he's 23. Still, I didn't care that I was lying in bed naked with a man seven years older than me. I looked up at him as he sang, and the moment I did, he planted his lips against mine.
Slowly massaging together, him licking my lips before I let him enter my mouth. He really knew how to kiss. He softly pecked me, then flew me up onto his lap as he sat up.
"Elena, we should get up before we get too horny. Plus I'm hungry, and I kinda want to take you out on a first date since it hadn't really been established." He said shyly with a huge blushing grin. He was so cute.
"Alright, we should shower though. We smell like sex."
We both blurted into laughter at the sense of it being so true.
"And, I would like to call you my own. Elena, will you be mine?"
I giggled "Of course, Ivan." And kissed his lips one last time before I hopped off of him and walked towards the bathroom. He followed.
We showered together. It got steamy for sure, he had gotten hard but chose to ignore it but still romantically shower together. And quickly.
We hopped out and got dressed, I chose some black fadded ripped jeans, my Black Veil Brides New Religion Jacket, a black V neck with a white tube bra and some matching panties. He wore some grey jeans with white suspenders, a burgundy v neck, and a patched up thrash metal jacket. Both wore black converse. We laughed at that.
I quickly lined my big eyes with black eyeliner with big wings that connected the lower line and slipped on some red lipstick.
"You truely are so beautiful."
I smacked his shoulder "Shuuutt uuuup."
He grabbed my hand as we walked towards the door and to his smashed rig of a honda civic. Like a gentleman, he opened my door.
"Whatcha in the mood for, love?"
"That's a good question, I'm kinda tired of the usual breakfast thing. What about you?"
"I'm asking you, hun."
I hate it when people make me decide. "I honestly don't know Ivan, I really don't know." I threw my hands up in the air.
"God, you are too adorable. Quit making me want to love you more and just meeehhh" He started rolling around in the drivers seat.
"How come you weren't like this when we first met, or even mention that you liked, or, well, loved me if you did."
He stopped, and laid his head on his arms on the stearing wheel in defeat. I could tell it was an iffy subject for him, but I couldn't tell why.
"Because... well... the age difference. And since I thought I new I couldn't have you, I wanted to at least be something as close as a brother could be. I wanted the best for you and what you went through in such. When I first met you, I thought you were just some pesky groupie teenage girl. But then I saw you go on stage and rock that fucking mic as you sang New Year's Day perfectly. It was like I had this instant connection with you and the fact that you listened to Black Veil Brides like me just made me like you even more. I had to get to know you. Then you said you wanted to put a band together. I instantly offered to be your drummer. I knew I was in love by the third or fourth practice but I kept my mouth shut. I was just silently bothered by the fact that our age difference is what blocked us off the most. But then last night, you were such a wreck. I knew I had to bet here for you more than I needed to be. So I kinda pushed out of my comfort zone and cuddled you. And look what happened. But I don't regret any second of it and dammit Elena. I want you. And only you. Despite the age difference, I love you."
Tears came to my eyes and I unclicked my seat belt and crawled to him over the console and straddled him as I hugged him. He hugged me tighter. "I love you too, Ivan Bubbali."


Sorry it was shorter than expected .-. I'll have the other half posted tomorrow night!


Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! Its an amazing!

Bvb67! Bvb67!
@xxxBlood Aww well thank you :') I actually might be making it into a real novel at some point depending on how many chapters I make and how the story continues.
theBlackKiba theBlackKiba
Please wrote more


xxxBlood xxxBlood