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Every Good Girl Loves A Bad Boy ~ Andy Biersack Love Story

Cupcake Wars

The week was long, and miserable, and finally it was Friday afternoon, and school was out. Sarah had signed me up for some bake sale though tonight, and I did not look forward to it. I climbed into my truck after getting ready and into a new outfit at my house, and then headed to the large community hall where there was going to be a HUGE bake sale. I parked outside the town hall, and turned off my truck, and then locked the doors as I got out. I walked into the building to see I was late. I quickly found the table Sarah was working at, and not to my surprise, Jack sitting there too. I loved them both. They had been my friends since I got here on Monday. I sat down in the chair and looked at Sarah who was smiling like an idiot.

"What is it?" I asked with a 'really' face.

"I heard about you and Luke! You are so cute together!" Sarah finally said loudly. I covered her mouth.

"You don't need to announce it to the whole bake sale." I said taking my hand away from her mouth, and crossing my arms. It was true. I was dating a gorgeous guy. Luke was the football team's quarter back at our school, and he asked ME out. I said yes of course. Luke respects me, and that is perfect.

Speak of the devil.

Luke walked into the busy, people filled building and walked over to my table. I leaned over and kissed him as he kissed me back. It was only a quick peck though. "How are things selling?" He asked curiously with a small smile on his face.

"We sold some already." I replied back sweetly, still standing up.

"Well, I am going to go wander around, and I will see you later, babe." He said and smiled, and then left. Sarah looked like she was going to blow from excitement, but Jack was keeping her calm. I adjusted my beanie and we waited longer at this bake sale.

We sold quite a few things as the night got later. It was about 6:30 pm, when I saw a face I REALLY did not want to see. Here comes wandering in the one, the only.... Andy. I quickly sat down and looked away and Sarah raised an eyebrow.

"What is it, Jo?" Jack asked looking around.

I then mouthed the word 'Andy.'

Jack nodded and told Sarah in a whisper. Just as Jack threw his coat over my head, Andy made his way to the table and leaned against it.

"What do you want Andy?" Sarah asked standing in front of me, hiding me.

"I want, whatever is hidden under that jacket." Andy said pointing to me. Ashley was with him, and he was smiling.

"Fuck off, Andy. She doesn't like you, and she has a boyfriend." Sarah spat, defending me. I took the jacket off my head and fixed my beanie and my hair. I stood up behind Sarah and looked at him.

"There she is! Just the girl I was looking for." Andy said, just as Luke walked over.

"Is this guy giving you a bad time, Jo-Jo?" Luke asked as I stepped around and stood in between them. She looked up at Luke, but then Andy laughed slightly.

"He calls you fucking Jo-Jo?" Andy said with a laugh and Ashley chuckled as well.

I quickly turned to Andy and glared at him. "You should leave, Andy." I said, a very serious look on my face. He then grabbed my hips and pulled me close.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!" Luke yelled and then pulled me away and pushed me behind him. I watched Luke get very angry as Andy only smiled. Ashley sort of backed up. Oh no, please don't let this happen.

"Has he fucked you yet, Joanna? He will never make you feel as good as I would." Andy said in his deep raspy voice, but then before I knew it, Luke threw a very hard punch into Andy's jaw. Andy then threw a few punches. Before I knew it, Andy had tackled me into the table. It broke, and then I was covered in frosting and cake. I felt Andy kiss me just as a few security guards pulled him off and out of the building. Sarah helped me up and so did Jake. Luke grabbed my arms and looked at me. We had made quite the scene. Everyone was looking at the crushed table, but I looked at Luke and then grabbed my bag and ran out the door. I was in tears. I walked down the sidewalk to my truck, trying to get cake and frosting off of me. This was not how I planned my first week of school. Hell, I never planned my new life like this.



I could helping you wanted of your wb tossing ideas back and forth

Its all good :3

Its completely understandable I remember I use to struggle to update too when I still wrote anyways :/

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The waiting is worth it, just take your time

You should totally update ;) Please? I'm dying here! <3