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Purdy Boy


~CC's POV~
What the hell just happen? Ashley just smacked my butt..does he like me?!?! I stand awkwardly in the room wondering what to do now. I should go over to Ashley's and sort this mess out. What if he starts getting frisky again??? I won't be able to control it and things would get heavy. I take the risk anyway because if Ashley likes me then we can go out..and that would be amazing. I started heading out the door when Andy grabs my shoulder and pulls me over to him. "What the hell?!" he exclaims. "What?" I ask. Andy tugs my shoulders. "I'm not going to act like Ashley didn't just smack your ass! I saw that and you seem to like it. Are y'all going out?" He starts grinning. "Y'all are!"
" No! We aren't okay. He did because we're friends.
"Really close. More than a bromance."
"Andy. I hate you. So much."
"I know you do," he laughs. He pushes me out of the door. "Now go get 'em!" Andy is the weirdest guy on the Earth, but that's exactly what I did. I went to go get Ashley.
~Ashley's POV~
I sit on the edge of my bed, waiting anxiously. I hope CC would come because I'm pretty sure he got the message when I slapped his butt and talked to him all sexy. I want him to come over so we can do it. I might be to straightforward but I get what I want. And I want CC. I hear the door knock. It has to be CC! I rush over to the door and only find it to be Andy. "Oh," I pout. "What?" Andy laughs. "Am I interrupting something?" I think he knows. "No. Just don't want to see you." Andy laughs again. "Harsh!" he jokes. Andy is so sexy...what am I saying?!?! I can't be wanting Andy right now when CC is about to come over. I hear another knock on the door. Ah, crap! Here we go. CC walks in smiling then he sees Andy and stops. "Andy, what the hell are you doing here?" CC looks mad like we were doing something we weren't suppose to be doing. Does he think we did it? "CC, I was just trying to get Andy out of here so you and I can talk! So Andy get the hell out of here!" I give him the evil eye. He laughs and puts his hands up in the air and walks out the door. CC turns over to me and smiled. "So, why'd you smack my butt today," CC grins and walks over to me. I grab him by his waist and he puts his hands on my back. This will get interesting. I start kissing him passionately. He opens his mouth and lets me in. We fight for dominance. He won..this time. I slam him against the wall and CC moans in pleasure. I rub my hands alll over his waist and torso. This feels great. "I love you, Ash." Should I say I love him? I don't love him..he's just a friend. "Cool!"



sequal please

DarkPrincessab DarkPrincessab

noooooooo, i need more this can't be the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

silver_dragon silver_dragon

Don't worry..there will be a sequel to it ;)

Wa..... that can't be the end it just can't -sobs-



Purdy's Gurl Purdy's Gurl