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Not gonna fight it

A Saviour

I creep down the hall and as soon I pass my mothers room I let out a sigh of relief. I slip into my room silently and sniff Andy's jacket before plopping down on my bed.
"Where were you?" My mother says from the chair in the corner.
"You went to that concert didn't you? Didn't you?" She stands, screeching at me. I nod in fear. She glares.
"You pathetic waste of space. I wish I never had you. You're a stupid emo slut." She screams. With each word there's a punch. I just lay there and take it. I hear wood splintering and suddenly the hitting stops. I can't even open my eyes.

(Andy's pov)

It's really cold and I want my jacket back. I know it's rude but still. That's the only jacket I have with me on tour. Jeffree volunteers to come with me. We double check the info Angelica gave me and we pull up to a tiny one level home. We knock but no one answers. I hear screeching and crying. We exchange a look and I break the door open. We follow the screeches and find a woman beating Angelica. Punch after punch. I tackle the woman and Jeffree rushes over to Angelica but she's unconscious. He turns to face me and the woman.
"Terri?" He asks in shock.
"Jeffrey Steininger?" She spats. He nods.
"You knocked me up with that slut take her. I can't deal with her sneaking out. Get this boney douche off me." Terri glares up at me.
"My daughter? You've been beating my daughter?" Jeffree says as the police enter and take Terri away. Paramedics load Angelica into the ambulance. Jeffree starts to climb in.
"Family only, miss." The paramedic says.
"I am family. I'm her father. Let me in. Thank you." Jeffree climbs in and smiles sadly at me. When they're gone I realize I still don't have my jacket.


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If you'd like to be a character in this story please message me and I'll send you a form to fill out. I'd like a gf for the other bvb members and Dahvie however is no one applies for a character then the gfs will be made up in my evil little mind :)

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