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Caught In the Fire of A Dragon


Colette Mira Santiago is the princess of Spain. Classified mute ever since her father was killed in a hunting accident. Has long, curly chocolate hair, unusually pale skin for a Spaniard, and startling silver-green eyes. She has full, pink lips, and long, curvy eyelashes. She is in love with her servant Ashley Abrocket Purdy.

Ashley and the guys are all from Great Britain- but Ash is from a more southern part of England.

Colette has led a sheltered life in mid-1600s Spain- ever since she became silent. Can Ash and the guys change that and save her from herself? Can they help her find the sound of music as her savior?


Andrew Dennis Biersack (Andy)

Andrew Dennis Biersack (Andy)

Long, black hair that falls perfectly into place, full lips, beautiful cerulean blue eyes that can melt a girls heart, and pale skin. Andy signifies the body of male perfection- and he flaunts it. Every night is a new woman ever since his Juliet died in child labor- as well did the baby. He is best friends with Colette- and she trusts him and the guys with her life. He would never hit on Colette, Ash has already laid claim to her. Has a huge secret that no one but Ash, Jake, Jinxx, and CC know about because they share the same secret. Falls in love with someone later on in the story. He is from Europe- and from the middle class as well- why he left no one knows. He is 19 years old. His tattoos symbolize that he is a rebel. He is known as "The Prophet" because he predicts phenomenons to happen. He is 6' 4".

Ashley Abrocket Purdy (Ash)

Ashley Abrocket Purdy (Ash)

Long, black-brown hair that hangs in his face, warm brown eyes, tan skin, various ink markings signifying his importance to the royal family of Spain. Ash is not from Spain- he is from the most southern parts of Europe, and left with his father to find work in a saw mill. The king liked his father's ideas and saw Ash as a protector- he introduced Ash and Colette- they fell in love instantly. Ash swore vows to protect Colette with his life- and he will do just that. Loves Colette- calls her Mina or Co when alone with her, calls her Princess when in public. He is 20, known for being a man-whore but now is faithful to Colette. Hiding a large secret that no one but CC, Andy, Jake, and Jinxx know because they share the same secret. He is known as "The Deviant" because of his man-whore status- and his deviancy from stealing when he was young. He is 6' 1".

Christian Coma Mora (CC)

Christian Coma Mora (CC)

Medium-length straight black hair, piercing brown eyes, medium skin, and long eyelashes. CC is a farmers' boy- he grew up with the animals and without a mother. He helps Colette through her episodes of missing her father because he can relate. Colette trusts him and the other five guys with her life. He is Colette's churro-buddy. CC is from Ireland- though he is not a true irish man, he is half hispanic. He falls in love later on. He is 23 years old, and his tatoos symbolize his individuality. To others he is "The Destroyer" because he likes destruction. He is 5' 10".

Colette Mira Santiago

Colette Mira Santiago

Long, chocolate brown hair, pale skin, rosy cheeks, full lips and startling silver-green eyes. Colette is what men in her kingdom consider the full package- clever, arrogant, shy, and a smart-ass, her disability doesn't stop her from showing it through her hands. She is mute- and in love with Ashley Purdy. Princess of Spain. Has lived a sheltered life. Knows of Ash's past as a man-whore but knows he is faithful to her only. Trusts all five of the guys with her life. Best friends with Andy. She is 5' 2".

Jakob Mark Pitts (Jake)

Jakob Mark Pitts (Jake)

Black hair always high up in the air, brown-hazel eyes, pouty lips, and a pale face say that Jake doesn't mess around. Colette trusts him and the other five guys with her life. Jake comes from a small family in Europe- though he left under murder charges of his sister. He thinks of Colette as a little sister in place of his own dead one. Jake is in love with Eleanore (Ella) Fansworth, and they are getting married in June. His tattoos are to show his freedom from the confines of his trial. He is 27 years old, he is known as "The Mourner" for his dead sister. He is 5' 10".

Jeremy Miles Ferguson (Jinxx)

Jeremy Miles Ferguson (Jinxx)

Teased, longish, black hair, blueish-gray eyes, tanish skin, and always wearing black lipstick tells people that Jinxx is a loner. Colette trusts him and the other five guys with her life. Jinxx was once in love with a girl he called his "Doll" her name was Samantha- but she slept around and left him in the dust. He now calls Colette "Doll" because she is short compared to the rest of them. His tattoos suggest hatred towards Samantha. He is 29, he is called "The Mystic" because he performs magic for money. He is 5' 11".



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