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I Have A Sister? [[Black Veil Brides Story]]

Chapter 8

(Azlyn’s POV)
Over the next couple of weeks, Andy and I grew closer. As well as CC, Ashley, and I. We’re all great friend now and we hang out a lot. Tour is over today so we’re going on a plane at the moment to go back to Andy’s house in California. I’ve never really been on an airplane so let’s see house this goes… “Ok, you have all your bags and stuff right?” Andy asked as we pulled into a parking space at the airport. I looked and nodded, I had all 3 of my bags. “Alrighty, let’s goooo.” he said, opening his door and getting out. I smiled and got out of my side.
I got my bags and dragged them half way into the airport until I was stopped by CC. “Hey shortstack, need some help?” he asked. “Yeah, help would be reeeaaally nice.” I said. He smiled and picked up 2 of my bags, leaving me with only 1 to carry. CC is so sweet. c: We put our stuff on the conveyor belt then went into the plane.


“Azy, you can wake up now.” a voice said, shaking my shoulder lightly. I opened my eyes and saw CC. “Come on, the plane just landed.” he smiled. I sat up and yawned, ”What time is it?” I stood up and put my hair into a messy bun. “It’s 6:00pm exact. Andy’s waiting for you.” he told me. I nodded and sluggishly walked out of the plane, grabbed my bags, and went to the parking lot with CC.
“You’ll come and visit, right?” I asked. “Of course I will.” he smiled, giving me a warm and welcoming hug. I smiled, ”Love you, CC.” I said into his chest. “Love you too shortstack.” he said back, letting go of me and ruffling my hair a bit. Oh yeah, Andy and CC’s nickname for me is “shortstack” since I’m the shortest person out of anyone in the band .____. Jerk.
I actually got many nicknames from the guys…

I waved him goodbye then open my car door, and hopped inside. I saw Andy and smiled. “Hey bro.” I said, closing the door and buckling in. “Hey sis.” he chuckled, “I love the way that sounds.” I smiled, “Well I love the way ‘bro’ sounds.” He smiled and drove the car out of the parking lot. We just talked about the most random of things in the car, mainly about the new album that just came out. It’s a true masterpiece in my opinion (:
“Can I plug my iPhone in?” I asked, pulling my phone from my pocket. “Oh yeah, go ahead.” he said, pulling the cord from the stereo and handing it to me. I took it in and plugged it into my phone. I started looking through all of the songs I had. I smiled and clicked on a song.
“Girls Girls Girls” by Motley Crue. He smiled big at me, “You listen to Motley Crue??” I giggled and nodded. “Yep, you really are my sister then.” he said with a chuckle. I rocked out to the song, well, we both rocked out to the song. This is how the ride home went.
Just an hour later, we got home. I unplugged my phone from the stereo and put it back into my pocket. I unbuckled and got out of the car, getting my bags afterwards. And just like CC, Andy took 2 of my bags in order to help me. I thanked him and we went into the house.
His house is BEAUTIFUL. “Whoa…” I said once I entered the threshold. “I know, mom came out here and decorated for me just a few months ago.” he told me, leading me over to the stairs and taking me up to a room.
“This will be your room.” he said once he opened the door. The room had black walls and white carpet, the curtains were also white. There was a plain, black bed in the middle of the room and a desk next to it. “You’ll probably have to decorate it yourself with your posters and things…” he said, putting my bags down in the room. “I’ll leave you to it while I make dinner.” he smiled and left the room, closing the door behind him. I went to my bags and looked for the one with my posters and things.
I have a shitload of posters so this is going to take a looong time. After finally putting up all my band and video game posters, I was FINISHED. I stood and smiled at the walls. Yep, I have so many posters that it covered 2 whole walls.
Of course I never dared to put them up in my old house, due to my “parents” hating everything I do, say, or anything I even liked. I put my clothes in the closet, along with my bags. I got into my pajamas then walked downstairs to find Andy cooking in the kitchen, just like he said.
He looked up and saw me then smiled. “Have fun putting up posters?” he asked, wiping his hands on a towel. I nodded, “I took up two whole walls.” “Wow, really?” he asked, putting spaghetti onto 2 plates for us. “Yep….want me to put down forks or something, Andy?” I asked. “You should relax, Azy.” he told me, coming towards me with 2 plates of spaghetti in his hands.
Ismiled and thanked him for the food then he went back to get forks. “Are you sure I can’t do anything to help?” I asked again. Andy chuckled and shook his head no.
“What kinda of drink do you want Ms. Want-To-Help?” Really? Ms. Want-To-Help? -__-
“I would like Coca-Cola, Mr. Nickname-Giver.” I said to him, smirking a bit. “Touché..?” he said slowly. I laughed and he came back with our drinks. He handed me the drink and I thanked him, taking a sip before setting it down on the table. While eating our food, we talked about my life and how I grew up in the foster home system.
“It was ok, I guess. I just bounced house to house because I was, and still am, a pretty bad kid…” I remembered a memory from school and I chuckled. “Whoa, what do you mean by ‘bad kid’?” he questioned. I took a sip of my soda then set it back down. “Hmm…here’s an example. I was in the third grade and this girl, Stephanie, took my red paint for art. So I just…you know…painted her face green and splattered her pretty white dress with blue…” Andy choked on his drink and looked at me. I started laughing, then in the end, we were both laughing.
“That sounds epppiic!!” he laughed. “Oh, it was. She screamed like a fucking baby.” I said, drinking the last of my Coca-Cola. “Have you done worse?” he asked, picking up our plates and cups and taking then to the sink. I nodded. “I threw the class pet snake at this boy in fifth grade.” I told him.
“Holy shit.” he said, looking over at the clock. “It’s 12:23am, Azy. Time for sleeeeeep.” he told me. “Nooo, I’m not sleepy!” I protested. “Don’t make me carry you upstairs…” he said, moving close to me. “Fiiiine.” I said, starting to walk up the stairs.

I got up to my room and was about to go in but then I turned. “GOODNIGHT ANDY, LOVE YOU!!!” I yelled from my door. “LOOVE YOU TOOOO!!” he yelled back from downstairs. I laughed and went into my room. And once my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep.


Thank you to everyone who has been subscribed to this story & commenting, it makes me feel good as a writer & person so, THANK YOU!!!! <3


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