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I Have A Sister? [[Black Veil Brides Story]]

Chapter 3

(Andy's POV)

“My brother’s name is Andrew..”
“Andrew…that’s a nice name.” I said, smiling a bit. “Andy, there’s a reason why Ty got me a VIP pass for the concert.” she told me, looking down a little. “What reason?” I asked, confused. She sighed and tensed up a little more. “Do you have any memory of having a sibling?” she asked.

That flashback of the baby girl in the bundle…
The black hair.
Blue eyes.
It makes sense…. Azlyn is my sister.

“You’re my sister aren’t you, Azlyn?” I asked. She bit her lip and nodded. “I know I’m not what you expected for a sister..” she told me, looking down. “Are you kidding?” I said, walking towards and kneeling in front of her. “You’re the perfect sister!” I smiled. She looked up in shock. “R-Really??” she said happily. “Of course, that flashback sure did help a lot.” I told her. “Flashback..?” she said. “I only have one memory of you, you were barely born.” I said, ”You look so much like mom, but you’re tall like dad. How tall are you?” “I’m about 5’6. I’m pretty tall for a 13 year old, aren’t I?” she smiled.
I laughed and nodded. “I wonder why mom and dad gave you up.” I said. She shrugged. I picked her up and gave her a hug, she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged back. “Let’s go back and watch Batman, shall we?” I said. She nodded and I carried her inside.

“I hear people outside…” Azlyn said. She’s right, there are people outside. I told her to stay on the couch and I walked over to the window, and looked out. Juliet? What’s she doing here? “Who is it?” Azlyn asked. “It’s Juliet.” I smiled. Azlyn smiled, but I could tell it was fake. “What’s wrong Azlyn?” I asked. “Oh, um, nothing Andy. I’m gonna go home now.” she said, getting up. “What?? Why??” I asked.
“My parents will get mad if I don’t get home and…never mind. I just have to get home.” she got out a piece of paper and wrote something down on it. “Here’s my address. Visit me anytime.” she handed it to me and opened the door.
“Um, what are you doing here?” Juliet asked her. Azlyn looked down and bolted out of the bus. Why is she leaving?? “Andy, do you know her?” Juliet asked me as she got into the bus. “Yeah, that’s my little sister. Looks like you know her too.” I said, crossing my arms. “She’s nothing but freak, Andy. Trust me, she is.” she told me. “What do you mean by that?” I asked, getting a little mad. “She cuts herself and makes herself puke. She has a lot of problems, just forget about her.” she told me. “That’s my sister, Juliet. I am not going to forget her.” I said. “Well, that girl has issues that you don’t need to carry on your shoulders.” she said, standing up. “How do you even know?!” I yelled.
“BECAUSE MY PARENTS ADOPTED HER DAMMIT!” she yelled back, looking surprised at what she said. “What?” I asked. “My parents adopted her. Simple as that.” “Do they…hurt Azlyn?” I asked. She tensed up then nodded slowly. My eyes widened and I ran out of the bus.

(Azlyn’s POV)

I ran home as quick as possible. It’s 12:39am. I’m in so much trouble. I finally got home and climbed up the tree next to my bedroom window, opened it, and crawled in. I looked around then turned my nightstand lamp on and saw my mom sitting on my bed. “Where have you been?!” she said angrily at me.
“T-The concert ended late. I-I’m sorry, mother.” I said, preparing for a blow to the face. “You’re curfew is 9:00pm, you hear me?! NINE O’ CLOCK.” she said, walking over to me and getting face to face with me. “Juliet was there.” I said quickly.
“Oh, what’d she do this time, yell at you? Juliet is the daughter I can actually be proud of.” she told me. She raised her hand and slapped me as hard as she can. I fell back onto the chair. “GET BACK UP.” she yelled at me. I obeyed her and stood up, my lip trembling. She punched me in the stomach, I doubled over and she knocked my feet out from under me. I fell hard onto the floor, I bit my lip and tried not to cry.
Crying is just another reason for her to hurt me. She kicked me in the stomach a few times then stopped, grabbed me by the hair and lifted my head.
“I am so sick of you.” She let go of my hair, letting my head hit the floor hard. She left the room after giving me one more punch in the face and blow to the stomach. I sat up and brought my knees up to my chest and silently cried. I heard someone run up to my room, probably my dad. Oh great! I hid my face in my arms and tried not to look up, I tried to stop crying.
“Azlyn!” a familiar voice said. I looked up and saw Andy. He ran over to me and kneeled down next to me. “Azlyn, I’m taking you out of here.” he said firmly. Juliet came in, ”You’re not taking her Andy.” Andy stood up and turned around. “Why not, Juliet?” he asked. “She’s my little toy, aren’t you Azlyn?” she smiled over at me “GET UP NOW AND GO TO THE BATHROOM. You know what to do from there, idiot.” Azlyn quickly got up and ran to the bathroom.

(Back to Andy’s POV…)

“You’re such a sick person, what are you making her do??” I yelled at her. “She’s pretty fat…” she said, looking around the room. “People were right, you are a monster. We’re DONE.” I firmly said before running off towards the bathroom. I banged my fists on the door. “Azlyn, don’t do anything! Open the door now!” I yelled. She opened the door, her eyes red and puffy.
“Did you do anything?” I asked, looking directly into her eyes. She sighed and nodded. I sighed. “Stay in here.” I told her. She nodded and closed the door. I went back to her room and grabbed some bags. I started packing anything she owned. “What are you doing?!” Juliet yelled.
“I’m taking my sister out of this hell hole!” I yelled back. Juliet ran out of the room, crap. I started to pack faster. I finally finished and went back over to the bathroom, knocking vigorously on the door. Azlyn opened up the door and saw the bags, she smiled big .
“Come on, grab some bags. We’re getting you out of here.” I told her. She quickly grabbed some bags and ran downstairs, I followed. We were stopped by Juliet and her mom.
“You aren’t taking Azlyn.” her mom said. I laughed. “Watch me.” I grabbed Azlyn’s arm and bolted out of the door with her. We ran down the street and back to the bus. She set her bags down and hugged me, she started to cry. I hugged her back and kissed the top of her head.

“You’re safe now, Azlyn. You’re coming with me and you’re never going back. I promise.”


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