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I Have A Sister? [[Black Veil Brides Story]]

Chapter 2

(Azlyn’s POV)

As they played the first song, Heaven’s Calling, Ty walked back out. He sighed and pocketed his phone. “What’s wrong? What’d she say?” I asked. “I have to go see my grandpa tomorrow, he’s gonna go any day now.” he looked down. “Aw, Ty.” I hugged him tight. He hugged back and didn’t let go for a while. “I’m so sorry.” I told him. “It’s ok, he’ll go to a better place.” he weakly smiled. “I guess I’m staying then…” I said. “That’s good, Andy needs to know about you being his sister.” he told me.
I guess it is kind of a good thing. “So are you leaving after the show?” I sighed. He nodded. “Let’s just enjoy the concert, alright?” He told me. I smiled and we rocked out to the rest of the set. *** They ended the show and ran back to the green room, Ty and I followed. “You guys were amazing!!” I exclaimed. “Thanks Azlyn.” CC and Jake said at the same time. “Jake..I thought we settled this.” CC told him. Jake shook his head no and grinned. “We’ll be back…” CC said as Jake and him left the room. “Is it bad that I wanna go watch them fight over me?” I said. “Nah, I wanna see them fight too,” Andy kneeled down next to me, ”Hop on my back, I’ll take you to the parking lot.” I smiled and jumped onto his back and he ran out to the parking lot, where CC and Jake were doing a rap battle. “You’re face…I rip that!” CC yelled. “Oh dear lord, I saw that on Youtube.” Jake said. I laughed and watched them fight. In the end, CC won the fight. He smiled triumphantly and ran over to me, picking me up and hugging me.
“BEST FRIEND!” CC yelled as he hugged me. I laughed and hugged back. “Now, we should have a sleep over.” he told me, smiling. I quickly nodded. “I don’t have any clothes though.” I said once CC put me down. “You can use some of my pajamas.” Andy offered. I nodded and went over to Ty. “Looks like I’ll see you later, Ty.” I said. He frowned and hugged me. “Text me, alright?” he asked. I nodded and he let go and walked off to his mom’s car. “Sooo, was that your boyfriend?” CC asked with a cheesy grin.

“What?? No! Ty’s my best friend.” I told him. CC nodded and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. “CHRISTIAN PUT ME DOWN NOW!!” I yelled. He laughed and ran off around the parking lot and to the tour bus. He put me down on the couch once we got inside and moments later, the rest of the band showed up. “Jinxx, Jake, and I are going to the bar. You in CC?” Ashley asked, grabbing a jacket and putting it on. “Yeah, I’ll go.” CC said, standing up. He leaned down and hugged me then left with the guys. Leaving Andy and I alone on the bus.
“So..you like Batman?” Andy asked me. I laughed, ”Like? Andy, I love Batman in a way that isn’t normal.” He smiled and threw me some Batman pajama bottoms. I thanked him and went to the bathroom to change. I came back out and Andy had no shirt on, I blushed lightly then flopped down onto the couch next to him. “Batman marathon?” he asked. I nodded and he put a Batman movie on, the very first one from the 80’s. “So, Azlyn. Tell me a bit about yourself.” he asked, getting up and going to the kitchen. “Well, I’m 13 and 1/2 to start off, my birthday is in 3 days and I’m adopted.” I said as he pulled out a popcorn bag and stuck it into the microwave. “Anything else?” he asked. I thought about telling him but, I decided not to. I shook my head no. “Well, ok then.” He walked over to me and handed me a bowl of popcorn, then sat down in the seat next to me. “Here.” he said, handing me a blanket.
“Thanks.” I said. I took the blanket and wrapped it around me, with the warm popcorn bowl resting in my lap. “You think they’re all gonna get drunk?” I asked. “Yeah, more than likely.” he said, putting some popcorn into his mouth. I laughed a little then ate some popcorn. After about a half an hour into the movie, I stood up and stretched. “I’m gonna go outside for a few minutes.” I went to the bathroom and went to my pants, pulling out my pack of cigarettes and lighter, and went outside. I stood up against the bus and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it up, and putting it to my mouth. I blew out a puff of smoke and then gazed up at the stars. “You smoke..? A voice said from behind me. I turned around and saw Andy. I nodded and blew another puff of smoke out into the air.
“That’s not good for you, you’re only 13.” He told me. “Well, my big brother does it. So why shouldn’t I?” I said. I realized I said ‘big brother’, crap… Ty usually tells me that smoking is bad for me and that’s always my reply. “Oh, you have a big brother? Have you met him yet or still looking for him?” he asked, taking out a smoke and lighting it for himself. “Um, yeah. I have met him and he’s such an amazing guy. I wish I could’ve known him for all my life but, sadly, I just discovered him.” I replied. “What’s his name?” he asked after blowing some smoke into the open air. “Um, I have to use the bathroom..” I said, quickly smashing my cigarette under my shoe and going inside.

(Andy’s POV)
“Um, I have to use the bathroom..” she said, smashing the cigarette under her shoe and going inside. She looked nervous when I told her that, weird. She reminds me of my mom, always getting nervous at random questions. And now to think of it, she looks a lot like my mom…

- Flashback -
“Andy, sweetheart. Come meet your new sister.” My mom said, holding a little bundle wrapped in a blanket in her arms. I walked over and looked at her, blue eyes and black hair. “She’s so pretty mom. Are we keeping her?” I asked with a smile. She sighed, “We hope, Andy.” “Amy, hun, how’s our little Az-”
- End of Flashback -

“Hey, I’m back.” Azlyn said, coming out from the bus and lighting herself another cigarette. I studied her carefully as she gazed up at the stars. She looked a lot like my mom, and like that baby in the bundle. I was only 8, so I can’t remember anything after that. “Azlyn, you really shouldn’t be smoking.” I told her again. She sighed and blew smoke out. “I know, it’s just a good stress reliever. Be thankful I’m not cutting, well, I used to but I stopped once I started smoking.” She told me. “You cut?” I asked. She nodded and sighed. “Bullies, my family being really mean, and so on. I couldn’t take it, all I had was Ty. Nobody else but him.” she told me. “I’m sorry Azlyn…” I said, throwing my cigarette to the ground and smashing it under my shoe. “What was your brother’s name, Azlyn?” I asked. She tensed up a little and put the cigarette up to her mouth, blew out some smoke, and then crushed her cigarette under her shoe. “My brother’s name is Andrew..”


Thanks for reading!

Stay Strong.
Stay Beautiful.
Stay YOU.
- Alex


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