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I Have A Sister? [[Black Veil Brides Story]]

Chapter 14

- Andy’s POV - “Andy, you need to calm down man. She’s okay, so just have some faith.” CC spoke to me as he drove to the hospital. “What if she slipped into a coma? Or...um has internal bleeding. Or..-” CC slapped his hand over my mouth, but still keeping a hand on the wheel. “Shut up, Andy. Jesus, you‘re worse than I am.” I slowly licked his hand and he quickly pulled his hand away, rubbing it on his pants. “GROSS.” I laughed and then ran a hand through my hair. I know she’s okay, but you just never know. . . CC and I walked into the hospital, going straight to the front desk. “What room is Azlyn Biersack in?” I asked, leaning a little onto the counter. The nurse, who was working at the desk, eyed CC and I slowly then spoke, “Second floor, room 368.” I nodded and thanked the nurse then headed to the elevator with CC. I stepped in with him, hit the button that had the number two on it, and the doors closed and started taking us to the second floor.

- Azlyn’s POV - I woke up…and I felt a sharp pain shoot throughout my body. I groaned softly in pain and looked around the room. I took it all in and realized I was in a hospital. But how did I get here…- …- “Hello Azlyn, how are you sweetheart?” - … …- “STOP IT! ANDY, HELP ME!” - …
-“That’s what you get for being a dumb little brat.” …

I looked down at my body; there were bruises along my arms and I saw a wrap around my chest, which constrained my breathing and hurt a lot. The images of what had happened flashed throughout my mind; like a nightmare that just won’t go away. I laid there in the bed and stared at the ceiling, watching the memories play back in my mind until I saw the door open from the corner of my eye. I slowly turned my head and saw Andy with CC standing behind him. “A-Andy?” I spoke, my voice hoarse from all of the screaming. He smiled and quickly came over to me, taking one of my hands in his. “I was so worried about you.” Tears brimmed his eyes. “Aw, Andy.” I tried holding his hand tight, but it was too painful to do so leaned over and kissed his cheek instead.
“I’m okay, Andy.” “No, you’re not. Look at what she did to you. I..It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have left you alone.” I sighed and started telling him about everything that had happened before the beating. The messages, sneaking out… He looked even more remorseful. I sighed once again and kissed his cheek once more. “I love you, Andy.” He kissed my forehead gently. “I love you too, Azlyn.”


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