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I Have A Sister? [[Black Veil Brides Story]]

Chapter 13

- Andy’s POV -

“And we are done!” CC said, throwing his arms up to stretch them. I chuckled and nodded, walking to the backroom. I didn’t see Azlyn..
I looked around the room then walked out to the guys. “Guys…has anyone seen Azlyn?..” I asked slowly. Everyone shook their head and I started panicking. Ashley came over and attempted to calm me down, which failed and made me panic more. “I saw Azlyn.” Some girl said from behind us. I turned around and looked down at her. “Where??” I asked quickly. “She was headed to the back parking lot.” she told me. I nodded and thanked her before running out to the back parking lot.
That’s when I saw it..

Juliet on top of Azlyn, beating her senseless. “JULIET.” I yelled, running over and shoving her off. She looked up at me and smirked. “You shouldn’t have left her alone, Andrew.” She got up and ran off.

I got down on my knees and picked up Azlyn, holding her close to me. “Come on Azy, open your eyes..” I moved hair from her face and saw the damage that Juliet had made. I felt tears well up in my eyes and called out for help as loud as I could. CC and Ashley ran to us and gasped in shock. CC ran over and kneeled next to me, looking at Azlyn with worry. “Is she okay? She’s still breathing right? What about her pulse??” He said quickly, freaking out. “Christian…calm down. She’s just unconscious..” I stood up, holding Azy close to me still. I looked over to Ashley, who was already on his phone calling an ambulance.

- skip to le hospital -

I paced back and forth. What were taking those doctors so fucking long??
FINALLY, after an hour or two, a doctor came out. “Azlyn Biersack?” I went to the doctor. “Ms. Azlyn is doing well. She unfortunately has 2 broken ribs and a concussion, along with many bruises along her body.” I slowly nodded. “Will I be able to see her..?”
“Not at the moment, she needs rest. Come back tomorrow and you will be able to.”
I sighed and nodded, thanking the doctor and going to the guys. I told the guys what the doctor had told me. CC, out of everyone, was in tears. It was odd to see him this way…but considering he’s like another brother best-friend guy to Azlyn, I understand.
We all got up and headed out of the hospital..

Please be okay, Azlyn…


Sucky chapter. Sorry.


Yes please i can wait until the next chapter

Demon spawn Demon spawn

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continue love this story

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