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Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Drag Me To Hell

How I got to this point? You'd have to ask god. If he still existed. If he still sees all.
I grabbed the bag of money off the counter, throwing in the last of our firearms.
As we walked out of the old man's home, Ashley spilled a trail of gasoline behind him. Before driving off, He pulled up to the end of the trail and dropped a lighter. I watched as fire ignited the house before us. I couldn't pull my eyes away.
"We've gotta go. Alright sugar?" he said, cupping my face. I nodded, tears no longer threatened to spill when we did these kinds of things.
The tires of our vehicle screeched and before I knew it, we were on the road again.

1 Year Ago

"Dina. I will not tell you again. Stand up straight." My mother scolded. I gasped for air, gripping the chair in front of me.
"Stop being a drama queen dear." She said as she pulled the corset tighter. I bit my lip, I wanted to kick my mother off of me, and run. Run as far as I could.
"Alright, all better. Now go put your dress on." She commanded. She watched me like a hawk as I slipped into my dress. As if I actually were going to run away.
"Oh look how beautiful Dina. Henry is going to be a very proud husband." She winked. Her words gravitated to the pits of my stomach.
In less than an hour, I would marry a man I despised.
Henry Tanner. That poor excuse of a human being. In front of the rest of the world he played the perfect idea of what a young christian man should be. But I knew the truth, I knew what he was. He was a coward, and a monster. And I, was being forced to marry him. He was the type of guy that thought he could walk around and do whatever he pleased. Including beating his ex-girlfriend to death. I was there, I'd remember that day forever. When I ran to my father to tell him what I had witnessed I was met with a slap in the face.
"No daughter of mine will tell such lies! You will shut your mouth or be condemned to an eternity in hell!"
"But father! Sarah-" I cried.
Sarah was a devil worshiper! There is no room for these kinds of people in the world! Pray that god has mercy on her soul!"
The rage that built up inside of me.
"And what of Henry? He's a murderer." I spat through my teeth.
"If what you
say is true, then he did what had to be done. He will be rewarded."
"You're a sick son of a bitch!" I screamed at him. He yanked my hair and slammed my face into the floor.
"No daughter of mine will talk in such a manner!" He screamed back.
"Then I am no daughter of yours!" I cried. He snapped, and began kicking me violently. I tried to stand and was met with a knee to the face.

That was the night the physical abuse began. He thought he could beat the 'demons' I carried out of me.
That was also the night he decided I would marry Henry. So that I could be bound to a god-fearing man forever.
And here I was. A tear escaped my eye as I looked at myself in the mirror.
"Oh honey what's wrong?" My mother said as she rubbed my shoulders.
"I can't do this. I will not marry a murderer and a stranger. I will not be a slave to the kitchen and his bedroom." I spat.
She slapped me.
"DINA! That is the devil talking! You WILL marry this man and you WILL comply to all his needs! You will do everything he asks of you and you will love him till you meet death! Do not make me call your father in here." she barked.
I trembled, swallowing my tears.
"D-Don't. I'll do it." I cried.
"Be a good girl then and don't cause any problems." She returned to her overly joyous personality.
"Oh! We still have to do your hair. Hurry now dear." She said sitting me down and plugging in a curling iron.
By the time it was all over I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I was riding home with Henry now in the car his parents gave us as a wedding gift. It was a silent car ride. I wouldn't look at him, I couldn't. Not only did I fear for my dear life but I feared for my sanity. I was only 21, and married. My life had just been swiped from my very hands. When we arrived at the house we now shared he locked the front door and began taking his clothes off. I could feel what was coming but I still asked, "What are you doing?"
"I'm going to make you into a woman tonight." he said nearing closer.
My eyes widened in fear and I turned from him. I ran into the kitchen hoping to find something to defend myself with.
I felt cold slimy hands wrap around my neck from behind. In a swift move my back slammed against the floor. He held me down with his body weight and removed everything I was wearing. I cried, screaming for help. He now pinned my arms down with his hands and proceeded to spread my legs and lower his face to my opening. I could feel his tongue, slithering up and down. I screamed and kicked violently now. My efforts however, were futile. He overpowered me.
Ah. I froze. My eyes locked onto an object not even a foot away from my reach. A porcelain bowl. I swallowed my fear and gathered all my strength to reach forward and grab it. I latched on and smashed it into his skull. He fell over in a heap on the floor. I quickly got back on my feet and reached for a knife in one of the kitchen drawers. He was making groggy noises, I knew it wouldn't be long until he stood up. My hands shook and tears streamed down my face. His eyes widened in fear as I approached. I ran forward and jammed the knife into his chest. I broke down into sobs as he took his last breaths. Minutes passed till a realization came to light. I was still a virgin, he didn't get to steal that from me. I won. And that's what mattered. I would get to choose what happened to my body, and what happened with my life. My broken sobs morphed into laughter. I picked myself up and ran upstairs to the bathroom. Adrenaline was kicking throughout my entire body. I took a quick shower to wash the filth of his touch and blood away. I then ran into the master bedroom, grabbed a duffel bag and threw clothes and toiletries inside. I opened a safe I found in the corner of the closet. There was at least ten thousand dollars inside. I looked down to my wedding ring, that could count for another 5 thousand. I threw everything inside the bag and ran back downstairs. I carefully pulled the knife out of Henry's chest. I made a thin slice on my arm and let blood spill out. I wiped it all over the kitchen floor and even a little on Henry. I then walked over to the sink, washing the blood off my hands, arms, and the knife. My arm was throbbing with pain, but this was something I had to do. I tried to think of every precaution I could. After patching up my arm I pulled some bleach and gloves out from underneath the sink and washed everything off the knife in hopes it could cover up any chances of police getting DNA off of it. I took a paper towel and placed the clean knife back into the drawer. Being careful not to leave any fingerprints on it. Amongst all the other knives, I was convinced it couldn't be identified as the murder weapon. This saved the trouble of disposing it later. Then I made the call. The call that could change the outcome of all this.
"911 what's your emergency?"
"HELP SOMEONE JUST KILLED MY HUSBAND HE'S HERE HE'S COMING AFT- AAAAAAH!" I mustered the most blood curdling scream I could and kicked something over to make noise. I simultaneously cut the phone cord. I had to get out. Now. I left all the doors wide open, grabbed my duffel bag and ran. I didn't know where I was running but I just didn't stop. It took all night, but I eventually found a taxi and made my way to a train station. I had to go somewhere far, but accessible.
Dina Matthews was dead.


*I am not a religious person but I respect other religions
If you are of christian faith then I'm sorry about this story, I am not painting your religion in a bad light.
This particular story introduces an all around twisted and broken family/group of people . But there are a lot of really great, healthy, christian families out there .


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@We are young and we are strong @Andy'sBatmanObsession
hiya<3 I didn't really know if anyone was reading so I forgot about this story . I'll try and pick it back up!

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I know it's been two months but please update this! It's amazing!