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Lead Us Not Into Temptation

When The Cat's Away The Mice Will Play

It took 5 days. But I made it to Nevada. Considering I traveled from Maryland, I was pretty far away. I was staying at a motel in the middle of nowhere at the moment. I took a couple days to relax and think about what I was going to do. I had no ID, no passport, no nothing. I technically didn't exist right now. I actually wrote a bunch of new names on a note pad. This was me now, and no one could take that away from me.

After a few days I started appearing on the news.
"Kidnapper breaks into Newly-weds house killing groom, Henry Tanner, and kidnapping bride, Dina Matthews. If you have any information please call this number."
To my benefit, my parents picked the worst picture of me possible. I went out to buy black hair dye at walmart this morning, concealing my face with clothing as best as I could. I sat in the bathroom waiting for it to set in for about an hour. This was going to work.

When I finished my hair I looked into the mirror with wide eyes. The girl staring back at me was no longer Dina Matthews. She was someone else. The black hair complimented my blue eyes and pale skin. I smiled at my reflection.
"You're free Dina."
I wanted to go outside now. Look at the world through my new eyes. I was using a stolen bicycle recently to get around. There was a diner about a mile away from the hotel that I wanted to try out. I kicked the break and started riding. The land surrounding the motel was all desert. It had a very western feel to it. Cactuses and roadkill.

When I arrived at the diner I was seated in a booth by a window. The waitress was nice, she complimented me on my hair. It made me smile. My eyes immediately darted over to a young man that walked in a few minutes later. He was dressed in black from head to toe. His arms were covered in tattoos and he wore sunglasses and a bandana in his long black hair. I could just imagine what my parents would be saying if they saw him.
"Dina look away, theres a devil worshiper over there. I bet he carries all kinds of diseases." And then it clicked. A devious smile creeped onto my face. He looked in my direction. I waved him over, something the old me would have never done. He grinned, walked over, and took the seat in front of me.

"Hey there sweetheart." he smiled flirtatiously. I quickly tried to think of a fake name.
"I'm Avril." I said extending a hand. He leaned forward and kissed it.
"It's a pleasure. I'm Ashley." He said.
"You don't look like your from around here. Just passing through?" He added
"Something like that. But heres my problem, Ashley. I'm an ex-preacher's daughter and a 21-year old virgin. And, I'm on the run. Think you can help me with that?" I said slowly moving a hand up his thigh. He thought for a moment.
"I think I know exactly what you need. Follow me." He said grabbing my hand and walking out of the diner.

We stopped at the trunk of his car.
"What? You want to do it in a car?" I asked flabbergasted.
"I wasn't talking about that problem. You said you were on the run." He popped the trunk open and pulled out a suitcase.
"Now heres the thing sugar. If you talk about this with anyone, I may actually have to kill you. And I will find you. No matter where you run off to."
"What? Who are you Ashley?" I asked a little taken back.
"I'm a bounty hunter, and a hitman. But I also distribute these." He now opened the suitcase. There were bags filled with passports, driver's licenses, health insurance cards, credit cards, you name it.
"This is...this is amazing. How did you know?" I exclaimed.
"Because there was an Avril Lavigne song playing in the diner when you made up your name." he laughed.
"If you're gonna start lying, you need to do it right, Dina Matthews. First rule, don't bullshit a bullshitter." My eyes widened.
"How-" I began.
"Did I not say I'm a bounty hunter? Theres a small bounty on you because your parents offered your kidnapper a large amount of money for your safe return on live television. I couldn't tell at first you were her, because of your hair, but I never forget a pretty face."
I grinned, slightly impressed. "You're good at what you do, aren't you?"
"The best. Don't double cross me Dina." He warned.
"You have my word. What are my options here anyways? None. Yeah, I could run to the police and tell them you were the one that kidnapped me. I could end this. But you and I both know, I'm running from something more than a dead husband." I said.
He smiled, "That's more like it."
"Let's get to it, how much is this going to cost me?" I asked.
"Two thousand." he replied. Good thing I happened to be carrying my money on me. I counted the amount twice and handed it over.
"Good. Let's see, 21, caucasian, blue eyes? correct?" He asked, flipping through the bags.
"Yes. How is this going to work?"
"I get a lot of job requests that require me to just make someone disappear. But their identities are left behind. So these are given to lovely paying customers like yourself. I'm not making you a new identity but giving you someone else's. Oh. Here we go." he stopped for a second. "How does Lana Scott sound?"
"I like it." I smiled.
"You'll have to come back to my apartment with me Miss Lana. So I can switch out the photo ID's." He walked closer, I could feel his warm hands sliding up my shirt.
"And maybe, we can take care of that other problem of yours." he whispered. I blushed madly, pushing him away.
"You weren't kidding, you are a virgin. Was all that earlier a bluff then?" he cackled. I blushed harder. "N-no."
"Don't worry, preacher's daughter. I don't bite."
He started his car up and I jumped in the passenger seat. It was about 15 minutes to Ashley's place, he asked about why I was running. I told him everything, which was probably a foolish decision, but I needed him to trust me. Despite the fact that I only wanted to fuck him earlier to get back at my parents, he was starting to grow on me. He was charming, daring. He aroused me.

When we got to his apartment he had me wait in his living room for about 45 minutes.
"Alright Lana everything's done laminating. Pleasure doing business with you." He handed my things to me and I tucked them deep inside my bag.
"My knight in shining armor." I smiled.
He kneeled down and brushed my hair out of my face.
"Now go live Lana. Forget about what was done to you, leave your past behind and don't look back. You've been given a second chance to live, not everyone gets one of those. You're a good girl, and a rare beauty. keep saving your heart and soul for a great man who's going to treat you like a queen. Most importantly be happy." he said kissing my cheek. I hugged him as tight as I could.
"Ashley. Let me go with you. I can be your partner, watch your back. Please. I've got nowhere else to go." He pulled back.
"No. I work alone. Go Lana. This kind of life isn't for you." he said sternly.
"I can handle it. C'mon, Ashley. I won't drag you down." I pleaded.
"I'd love to run around and play Bonnie and Clyde with you sweetheart, but this isn't a fucking game. There's no place for girls like you in this field of work." he said seriously.
I wasn't taking no for an answer. If I had to give myself to him I would. I wanted to run wild, and free, just like he did. I took off my shirt and pants, leaving me in lace underwear. His eyes widened, "Lana-" I cut him off "Shut up." I brought my lips to his ears, mounting his lap. "Ravish me Ashley. If you won't let me join you, give me this." I whispered. He ran his hands up and down my back.
"You're so hard to resist." he said.
"Don't resist then." I replied.
His jaw tightened and he pushed me off him.
"This is wrong. Go. I'm a man. There's only so much I can take. I know why you're doing this, but I can't keep pushing you away." he said sternly.
I sighed, "I'll be in town for 3 more days. I'm staying at the Motel Sunset, room 103. Come get me if you change your mind. I want to go with you, I mean it." I put my clothes back on and walked out of the apartment. I felt so dirty, but it was strange. There was an appeal to it. I could feel a tingling sensation between my legs. His hands touching my skin. A man had never touched me so affectionately before. It was beautiful, these feelings i'd forsaken all my life.

When I got back to my room I stood in front of the mirror for a couple of minutes. I stripped naked, and stood a couple more. I finally began to feel myself. Not just my sensitive areas, but everywhere. I pictured Ashley, and how his touch felt. I longed for it. No, I didn't love him. I'd only just met him. But I loved how he felt. How he undressed me with his eyes the moment he laid eyes on me. I walked over to my bed and laid down. I continued to feel myself, from my chest, to my stomach, to my legs, to my sacred spot. I trembled, why had I never discovered this before.


Yay 2 chaps in one day!
I'll write another up tomorrow.
Leave your both your name and twitter name in the comments, and your favorite part so far, and I'll give you a shout out and an appearance in the story (;

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@We are young and we are strong @Andy'sBatmanObsession
hiya<3 I didn't really know if anyone was reading so I forgot about this story . I'll try and pick it back up!

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I know it's been two months but please update this! It's amazing!