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Love Isn't Always Fair

A kiss and A shower

CC's POV: I was watching Spongebob when I heard the door bell.I got up and opened it and Lil Rebel was holding four boxes of Pizza.I was just staring at the pizza until she yelled at to get them before she shoved them in my face.I took them right away and I set them on the coffee table. "CC carry me to the couch! Please?" Lil Rebel yelled from the door. "Do I have to?" I answered back. "Yes,I'm the one with broken ribs and arm!" Lil Rebel yelled again. I picked her up and carried her to the couch. "Can you get me a monster,please.If you have any." She said really quiet I could barely hear her." Uh...Sure,what kind? We have the green,blue,coffee,and purple." Uhh the green one.Please." She was talking quiety again.When I gave her the monster she got a small orange container out of her pocket with a few pills and popped two of them in her mouth drinking the monster afterwards. "What are those?" I asked while sitting next to her. She jumped at the sound of my voice and quickly and quietly l said antidepressants. Once she said that I felt sad. I felt bad for her,how can anyone be so depressed they have to take drugs to keep them from doing something awful. She looked at me with a face of confusion then asked,"Why are you crying CC?" I said nothing.I just leaned in and gave her a small peck on the lips,but I couldn't hold back and I deepened the kiss. I felt her put her arms up to my neck and pull me in. I heard the door open and I quickly pulled away.I looked at who was at the door,It was Jake.He didn't see,luckily,he was struggling with the millions of bags from hottopic. "Oh,Hey CC. Can you help me here?" Jake asked while one bag fell from the grasp of his hand. "Uhh..Sure." I took about ten bags from him and carried it to Lil Rebel's room. "Thanks, hey can you help Lil Rebel in the shower.She just needs someone to be in there in case she falls.I would ask the girls but they went shopping and they took Dafnee and Luz.I can trust you on that right?" Jake said. "Sure man." I said calmly as possible. I walk straight to the living room were Lil Rebel was still on the couch with a small blush on her face. "Hey...Umm your dad told me to help you in the shower...Are you going to shower now or later?" "Now."She said and got up slowly and walk to her room.I followed heras she got her clothes and went to the bathroom. She locked the door behind her. "Hold on CC let me get in first then you can come in" she said her voice muffled."Ok,you can come in" she said her voice soft. I opened the door slowly and sat on the toilet in silence.


But CC you have Lauren! ~TIMMY


so excited!!!



There. Chapeter 10


TheAndyLady TheAndyLady

Im working on chapter ten

more pwweeeeaaaaassssseeee

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