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Love will Leave a Scar

An Unknown Love

~Jinxx POV~

CC and Andy were sitting on the couch, "JAKE! Hurry up!!" Ashley shouted. Jake came out of the bathroom, "I change my mind, I'm not going." He said. " You spent 30 minutes in the bathroom just to admit you weren't going?!" Ashley yelled furiously. "Sorry, jeez." Jake said. "Let's just go, you sure you don't wanna go?" Andy asked me. "Nah, I'm tired." I said while yawning. CC, Ashley, and Andy went to get the pizza. Jake sat on the couch across from me. He was texting on his phone and I was reading a book. I looked up and he smiled. He had a beautiful smile, I looked at his beautiful eyes. What's going on Jinxx? Why do you feel like this suddenly? Jake stood up, breaking my stare. He sat down next to me and showed me a picture. He was staring at his phone when I crashed my lips into his. Jake pulled back with a shocked expression on his face. "Jake, I'm so-" just as I said that he kissed me hard and passionately. When we pulled away I stared into his eyes and smiled. He hugged me and just then the door opened, we quickly pulled away before they could see."Hey guys!!" CC shouted. "Sup." Jake said.

~Jake's POV~

Andy and Ashley were already asleep and CC was showering. "Jinxx?" I asked as I opened the curtains to Jinxx's bunk. "What's up Jake?" He asked. "What does this mean?" I said. "It means...I love you." Jinxx said. He stood up and kissed me. His tongue entered my mouth. I felt his erection against mine. He pulled me into his bunk and I removed his pants and shirt. I kissed his neck and he moaned softly. After we were naked, I dug into him. He screamed with pleasure but then we heard a door open. I put a finger to my lips signaling Jinxx to be quiet. We waited for CC to fall asleep, we knew he did because he snored super loud. "My turn." Jinxx said in a seductive voice. He turned me around and rammed into me. "Jinxx!" I yelled. Two hours later I layed on my back panting. When Jinxx fell asleep I wrapped my arms around him. "I love you too." I whispered

~CC's POV~

I got out of the shower and got dressed. Wait. What was that? I heard a yell. I went into the bunk room, everyone's curtain was open except Jinxx's. Where was Jake? His bunk was empty. I got in my bed and pretended to snore. Everyone always complains I snore, I never noticed, probably because I was asleep. I heard someone yell "Jinxx". Odd? Oh well. I went to bed.


This is my first story! Hope you enjoy. Comment please! I'll try to update everyday! Ideas? My smut isn't awesome but I try. Keep reading!!! <3 everyone!! *Gives huggs!!*


PLEASE UPDATE <3 <3 <3 It's a cliffhanger goddamn! ;^;

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I'm please update
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Lol thank you xD
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