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Love will Leave a Scar

Bittersweet Revelations

~Jinxx POV~

I woke up before anyone else did. I put on my boxers and pants and made some coffee. Jake walked into the kitchen, "Hey babe." He said. I kissed him and gave him some coffee. CC walked in next, "Hey guys." He said. We said hi, "Hey Jake, where were you last night? Your bunk was empty." He asked. My mind went blank. Oh no, Jake forgot to close his curtains and CC noticed. "Um, I was outside having a smoke." Jake said hesitantly. "Since when do you smoke?" CC asked. "Uhh, I've just started, it's soothing." Jake said. "Yeah, I saw him leave." I said backing him up.

~Andy's POV~

I walked into the kitchen. Jinxx was shirtless and had bedhair. He looked so cute, I said hello to everyone. "Is Ashley still asleep? Damn." Jinxx said. We all got dressed and we watched a movie. I went into the bathroom and Jinxx followed but stayed in the bunk room to go get something. When I came out Jinxx was sitting on his bunk, "Hey Jinxxy." I said. "Hey Andy." He said. I sat next to him and I stared at his pretty blue eyes. Then out of nowhere, I kissed him. At first he didn't pull back then he did. "Jinxx I'm sorry." I said. "No don't be, it's just, I'm seeing someone right now." He said. "Oh, okay, well I'm sorry I did that." I said as tears ran down my face, I ran back into the bathroom. "Andy! Wait!" Jinxx said running after him but I slammed the door. Jake came into the room, "Is everything okay?" He asked. "Jake do you think we should tell the others about us?" Jinxx asked. "We should, let's go." Jake said.

~Jake POV~

Me and Jinxx walked into the living room. "Hey guys." I said. The movie they were watching ended. Andy walked in, his eyes red. "Andy what's wrong?" Ashley asked. "Nothing, my eyes are just itchy." He said trying to find an excuse. "We gotta tell you something." Jinxx said. "What's up?" CC said. "Me and Jinxx...Are dating." I said. Their expressions were full of shock, "Wow, okay. Well, I'm okay with that." CC said. "Yeah totally." Ashley said. Andy walked out of the room. "I'll go talk to him." Ashley said. He walked away.

~Andy POV~

Ashley walked in. I wiped my tears quickly, "Can you leave me alone, please?" I asked. "No, not till we talk. What was that? Why are you crying?" Ashley asked. "I-I like Jinxx." I said. "Oh, well. You should talk to Jinxx about that. He's obviously crazy about Jake and I don't think you should feel bad about that. I'm gonna leave you alone, think about somethings." Ashley said. "Thanks Ash." I hugged him. "No prob, if you need to talk I'm here." Ashley went into the living room.


sorry if I change POV too much. the story wouldnt make sense if I didn't. comment what do you think?


PLEASE UPDATE <3 <3 <3 It's a cliffhanger goddamn! ;^;

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I'm please update
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