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Ivory Skulls.


Like every rock star, Andy Biersack of the rock band Black Veil Brides has fans, some of which are more presistant that others.

They met for the first time after a concert in Los Angeles, pinning the singer to the brick wall of the alley behind the club where Black Veil Brides had just preformed. There were six teenagers in the group who held him up, all of which were pasty white and clad in leather and war paint, quite like Andy wore himself onstage. Despite his cool head onstage and in interviews, the singer panicked, asking what they wanted with him. Autographs? Fine! Pictures? No problem! Money? Hell if they wanted it, they could have it! But they didn't want anything from him, they had simply come to warn him. The tallest boy stepped forward and told the singer that in six moons he and his followers would return for Andy. Why, the boy told him not, but by the way he presented the idea, it actually frightened Andy.
The next moment was a blur:

CC opened the alley door.

The gang dropped Andy.

And before he even hit the ground, the gang was gone.

That was five months ago, and in the next few weeks the gang is said to come back for him. But really, could such a thing even happen? Andy doesn't believe a word of it, but as the days draw closer he has become jumpy and everything seems to be frightening him.

Two weeks on the clock, Andy. You better run.

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This seems pretty good so far. I'd love to read more

whoa this seems epic! updte PWEEEEAASEEE!!???