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Falling from the sky.

New Friends and the start of something different.

"Guys this is Scarlett, Scarlett this lot are Jake, CC, Ashley, and Andy." He said pointing each one of them out. "Hey Scarlett!" CC yelled and pounced on me, giving me a massive hug. Shocked, I gave out a little yelp and lightly hugged him back. "Ok CC please don't squeese her to death." Sammi said, and CC let me go. "Sorry about him, hes hyper all the time, especially when meeting new people." Said jake, giving me a light hug, and walking over to Sammi to collect a beer. "Your sexy." said Ashley, placing his arm over my shoulders. "Errm...Thanks..." I said not sure whether he was serious, or joking. "Oh don't start that Ashley." Sammi laughed, passing him a beer. "What it's true." Ashley said, removing his arm from my shoulders, and pulling Sammi into a hug. Then the tall one walked up to me. I looked up at him, and gased into his bright blue eyes. My gase lingered there for a moment, until he final spoke. "Nice to meet you Scarlett." He hugged me lightly, and then got two beers and passed me one. "Thanks," I said Taking the beer and opening it up. "Your Andy Right?" I asked, looking back at him. "Yeah. I'm the one with the gesell legs." he said smiling, I laughed. "So you and Sammi are best friends?" he asked, taking a slurp of his beer. "Yeah since we were six." I said Peraching myself on the counter."We've been through loads together and she knows pretty much everything about me. Shes more like the Sister i never had."
"Cool, it's like that with Jinxx, CC, Jake and Ashley. Were like brothers,"
"Well you seem like it." I said as Andy jumped up onto the counter beside me.
"So where you staying then?" He asked. "I'm staying here with Sammi, i'm invading their spare room." I said squashing my now empty beer can, and throwing it into the bin. Me and Andy had been sitting there alone for some time, as the others wanted to go outside and play 'I never', and i had been getting closer and closer to Andy everytime he smiled at me. "Cool, well if you get bored of there lovey-dovey suff you can come crash at mine if you want to." He said taking a swig of beer. I looked up at him, confused. "Really? we've only just met." I said, looking deep into his eyes. "Yeah, but you seem cool, and trust me it's all cute and cudley for a while, but after a bit it can get annoying." he said, crumpling up his can and throwing it towards the bin, missing by a mile. "Damn it" he said and i laughed, jumped down off the counter, and picking up the can, putting it in the bin. "You missed." I said, turning back to Andy. He was staring at me, a smile tweaking the sides of his lips. "What are you looking at?" I asked, raising my eyebrow, and transfering all my weight to one hip. "Nothing, your just different that i expected you to be." he said Jumping down off the counter and walking into the garden. What did he mean, different? Was that a good thing or a bad thing? I didn't know, but grabbed my phone of the table, and followed him into the garden to join the others, who were now i a pile on the ground heaving with laughter. I knew that we were all going to get drunk....Really drunk......


Thank you :)
i just love your story, i was crying the whole time, it was so good (;
thats the last one for today, hopefully going to finish the story either tomorrow or the day after, thank you for your support :D x
Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14
I'm going to need more of this lol! I'm so glad she woke up
Mrs.Biersack Mrs.Biersack
@fridaysbloom working on it now as we speak ;) x

Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14